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[US] Weekly Cache Rewards in The War Within

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[US] Weekly Cache Rewards in The War Within

Hey folks!
In this week’s new beta build, you’ll see that weekly caches like the Pinnacle Cache have text indicating that they give Adventurer gear when previously they rewarded Veteran gear. We want to let you know how these caches are going to work.
The first two caches you earn each week from any source (Earthen Theater, Awakening the Machine, Spreading the Light, Azj-Kahet Pacts, Special Assignment World Quests, and the major weekly quests in Dornogal) will give you a piece of random gear. Caches that work this way have text telling you that they work this way. If it’s one of those first two caches earned that week, and The War Within Season 1 hasn’t yet begun, the cache will contain Adventurer gear. Once Season 1 begins, that gear will be Veteran gear, and the text will be updated to reflect that. We don’t want anyone to worry that outdoor players aren’t going to have regular sources of Veteran gear, but we also don’t want anyone to feel a need to play content they don’t want to play just to start the season with as many Veteran pieces as possible.
The first four caches you earn each week from any source (same list as above) will give you 100 Coffer Key Fragments, which can be immediately combined to get a Coffer Key for use in Bountiful Delves. For the sake of brevity, there isn’t text explaining this on the cache items, but if the text mentions the first two having gear, this rule will apply as well. This “first four” rule isn’t in this week’s build, but you should see it in the next one.
Please note that the contents of each cache are determined when you get the cache awarded to you, not when you open the cache. There’s no reason to hold onto them and open them later. That’s no fun anyway. Open your prize!
Philosophically, this is a shift from Dragonflight. In Dragonflight, the game asked you to complete specific quests (earn 1500 reputation, plant 5 seeds, complete a Superbloom, etc.) to get Veteran gear from outdoor content. That was good—making sure outdoor players have access to that level of gear is definitely a positive—but we think The War Within can do better by not requiring specific activities. Instead, you’ll be able to complete your choice of two of six activities to maximize the Veteran gear earned. To maximize your Coffer Keys as well, you’ll need to complete two more, but again, you get to choose which ones you like. If there’s a zone you don’t like or an activity you don’t enjoy, we don’t want you to feel like you’re going to be left behind for not doing it. Outdoor activities in The War Within are meant to be approached on your own terms based on your own preferences.
We’re excited for y’all get to enjoy what we’re cooking. So soon now!

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