Prismatic Sub-Classes in Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Developer Deep Dive

prismatic subclasses deep dive

Starting with the release of Stasis in Beyond Light in 2020, continuing with subclass 3.0 during the year of The Witch Queen, and most recently with the release of Strand in Lightfall, we’ve been hard at work building out the full kit of abilities, Aspects, and Fragments that you’ve assembled into your perfect monster-slaying machine. The builds you’ve crafted helped you overcome insurmountable odds, taking down powerful foes and ensuring the safety of the Last City.

BRAVE Weapons Are Coming! – This Week in Destiny 2 March 28th

this week in destiny 2 march 28th 2024

This Week in Destiny we are feeling braver than usual, and we hope you feel the same after we introduced the 12 BRAVE weapons coming with Destiny 2: Into the Light starting on April 9. We’re going to dive into that next, but here’s a look at everything we’ll be covering this week.

Developer Insight for the BRAVE Arsenal – Destiny 2

brave arsenal developer insight

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s livestream focused on Destiny 2: Into the Light, where we revealed the BRAVE Arsenal, a collection of some of the most iconic weapons in Destiny’s history. Today, we will expand on how we are bringing back these living legends to the current sandbox, alongside their limited-edition variants. Without further ado, we leave you in the very capable hands of our Weapons Team.