Xur Location from July 19th – 23th, Exotic Items and Armor

xur location this week

Xur is a vendor who sells extremly rare items in exchange for Strange Coins. His location changes every time, and he appears only for a limited time. In the week from Xur Location from July 19th – 23th, Exotic Items and Armor, you can find him in this location.

Bungie Day 2024: Seventh Column Chaos

seventh column chaos destiny 2

The Witness has fallen. The Pale Heart continues to reveal secrets. Failsafe is back, leading us into the unknown as we face off against the Vex. It’s an amazing time in the world of Destiny and the Bungie Foundation has some additional chaos to unleash. Welcome to Bungie Day 2024 a.k.a. Seventh Column Chaos!

Iron Banner Continues! This Week in Destiny 2 – July 5th

this week in destiny february 15th

This Week in Destiny, we are a day late because yesterday was a holiday for some of us. We hope everyone in the United States had a nice Fourth of July and that reading a TWID on Friday feels a bit like using a Golden Gun on a Warlock or a Titan: it shouldn’t be possible, but Still Hunt exists. So, let’s look at our topics for today.