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Paladin Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

We have summarized all locations of the Paladin Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the Runes from Phase 1 and 2 in SoD. All SoD Paladin Runes here on
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Paladin Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

We have summarized all locations of the Paladin Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the Runes from Phase 1 and 2 in SoD. All SoD Paladin Runes here on

Paladin Runes from SoD Phase 3

All Runes in Phase 3 have the same location for both Alliance and Horde.

In order to complete this Rune, Paladins will need to have completed the  Fanaticism Rune beforehand – take a look at our guide to complete the steps up to the starting point for  Hammer of the Righteous!

Once players have obtained  Fanaticism, they will need to begin the quest Materials of Significance Materials of Significance.

This Rune requires Friendly reputation with Emerald Wardens. Once you are Friendly, check in with an Emerald Wardens Quartermaster and purchase your Rune for 1 60.

  • Channel into 4 Ley Crystals scattered around the world. You need 1 material to channel per crystal (4 total). You can use the Worldcore Fragment Worldcore Fragments found from Imp explorations, or a mage in your party can use Scroll of Geomancy Scroll of Geomancy:

    • Feralas: The High Wilderness, /way 57 60
    • Hinterlands: North of the Altar of Zul, /way 48 59
    • Azshara: Southwestern mountains near The Forlorn Ridge, /way 22 79
    • Searing Gorge: /way 55 65
  • Closing each Fel Portal spawns an Enraged Leywalker, a level 47 arcane elemental — naturally, it is immune to Arcane damage. These are challenging fights even at level 50; bring a group if possible. Depending on which zone you are in, you’ll receive a separate Leycryst item after defeating the Enraged Leywalker:
  • Once you’ve collected one of each Leycryst, combine them all to learn this Rune.

You must have completed the Sheath of Light Rune for Aeonas the Vindicated to show up. In addition, you must complete this Rune before you can open up the quest line for the Hammer of the Righteous Rune.

  1. In the Stormwind Cathedral, speak to Aeonas the Vindicated, then speak to Katherine the Pure. You’ll then receive the quest The Mysterious Merchant The Mysterious Merchant, which directs you to Theramore.

  2. Inside the Theramore Inn, talk to the paladin Elrick and turn in The Mysterious Merchant The Mysterious Merchant. Pick up the quest Elrick, Paladin of the Silver Hand Elrick, Paladin of the Silver Hand by talking to Elrick. He fights you along with his crony, a Stern-faced Bar Patron. Kill him, and he drops a Bloody Missive Bloody Missive. Click it to start the the quest The Bloody Missive The Bloody Missive, directing you back to Katherine the Pure.

    Group Options:
    Only one person in a group can loot the Bloody Missive Bloody Missive directly from Elrick. If there are other Paladins in the group, they can obtain extra copies of the Bloody Missive Bloody Missive from the Innkeeper. Click it and start The Bloody Missive The Bloody Missive.

  3. Return to Stormwind Cathedral and turn in the quest to Katherine the Pure and receive the  Fanaticism ability.
  • Pick up the quest The Wild Gods The Wild Gods from Shadowtooth Emissary in Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood, /way 51.5 82. This initial quest is not shareable; everyone will need to pick it up for themselves.

  • Only one player in a group needs to have done this step: Go to Jinth’Alor in the Hinterlands. Kill elite trolls to obtain Wildwhisper Draught Wildwhisper Draught.

  • Go to Razorfen Downs and clear the area around Amnennar the Coldbringer. Drink Wildwhisper Draught Wildwhisper Draught to spawn Spirit of Agamaggan. Speak to him to get a quest and Agamaggan's Roar Agamaggan’s Roar. Only one player needs to drink the draught to spawn him.

  • You can either do all three Dungeons for variety, or you can do multiple runs on the same dungeon. There is no difference between the Wild Offering Wild Offering drops among the three mobs. Since Wild Offering Wild Offering also becomes a currency (see Tips below), you will want to farm more of these anyway.

    In each of these three Dungeons related to this Rune, you will need to kill specific mobs in to spawn a ghostly mob.

    This ghostly mob can be killed once per Dungeon lockout, meaning resetting the same Dungeon and running it again is a valid strategy. When you trigger the conditions for the ghostly mob, you get a chat emote “You feel a shadowed presence”. Use Agamaggan's Roar Agamaggan’s Roar near the ghostly mob; this makes a level 52 elite called the Delirious Ancient turn hostile. Each Ancient drops 1x Wild Offering Wild Offering:

  • Once you have collected all three Wild Offering Wild Offerings, return to Shadowtooth Emissary to collect your Rune.

You’ll need to save Frix Xizzix in Feralas to get this rune. The difficulty is getting to him.

You need to get teleported up to the platform near Wirdal Wondergear/way 84.2 43.8. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. If you’ve completed the quest Quadrangulation Quadrangulation from the phase 2 crafting quest line, you use the teleporter in Booty Bay, /way 27.6 77.4
  2. There is also a teleporter in Feralas at the foot of the Peak at /way 85.3, 43.6. You do not need to have completed a quest to use this one.

Once you’re up near Wirdel, across the valley you can spot a Crashed Flying Machine on a pillar to the northwest, at around /way 81 42. There isn’t a clear way up it. Here’s where things get tricky: you’re going to have to get a serious knock-back to fly to the peak the hard way.

In your Reputation window, set ‘Gadgetzan’ to “at War”. Prepare to attack one of the three mechanical pets called Tower Defense Automaton, but get yourself into position first.

Go to the end of the ledge closest to the pillar. Aim your back toward the pillar.

The Dragon version of the Tower Defense Automaton will path nearby. Attack it and it knocks you back (sometimes it will slap you around a little bit first, so be prepared). When you get knocked back, you will also get Silenced.

If you get knocked back and miss, you WILL fall and die, because the Silence will prevent you from casting your bubble. You may wish to remove your armor to avoid repair bills. Return to the teleporter at the foot of the peak to try again if this happens, /way 85.3, 43.6 .

Not far to the crashed and burning flying machine, you’ll Frix Xizzix, who is is at 30% health.

Heal him until you get the spell effect “ Feeling much better, thank you!” and he stands up. He thanks you for the save, but wonders how he’s going to get down and asks you for one of your “fancy bubble blessing things”. You will get a dialogue option “Touch Frix and impart your blessing of protection on him.” He thanks you and directs you to visit his brother in Booty Bay.

Go to Booty Bay to see Rix Xizzix <Lost and Found>, /way 28.4 75.8. This is the NPC that will restore lost trinkets, but this time he also has the Rune of Grace Rune of Grace available for 1.

The target mob only spawns between certain times. There is question as to what the exact hour range it is; players have reported getting it after 9 PM server time, but there is question as to how long the spawn time goes. It may only go to 3 AM; it may go as long as 6 AM. Please report your success times below.

  1. In the Hinterlands, Paladins should find and kill a Vengeful Spirit by using  Sense Undead/way 33 44, near Quel’Danil Lodge. The Vengeful Spirit is level 45 but not Elite.

  2. Once you defeat Vengeful Spirit, travel to Ironforge and speak with Magister Falath in the Mystic Ward, /way 27.2 10.0. Select the available dialogue option, and you will receive the Rune.

Paladin Runes from SoD Phase 2

All Runes in Phase 2 have the same location for both Alliance and Horde.

You need to gather three Tarnished Prayer Beads, purify them into Divine Prayer Beads by doing a specific action, and then turn them in to Brother Atticus in Stromgarde Keep, Arathi Highlands. He is located over the bridge that leads to the First Aid book vendor, Deneb Walker (Deneb is at /way 27.0 58.8).


Arathi Highlands

Tarnished Prayer Bead I is known to drop from various humanoid mobs, including Syndicate rogues, Witherbark Medicine Men, various types of Dark Iron Dwarves, and various Boulderfist Ogres. Purify bead by casting Blessing of Might and killing an enemy.

Tarnished Prayer Bead II is known to drop from Boulderfist Ogre, likely others. Purify bead by casting Divine Shield with less than 10% health.

Tarnished Prayer Bead III is known to drop from Witherbark Shadow Hunter. Purify bead by using Seal of Justice with Judgement on a fleeing enemy.

First, locate a Broken Hammer on the ground in Mannoroc Cove, Desolace (52.6, 84.8) and start the associated The Broken Hammer quest. Slay nearby Burning Blade Summoners to loot the required Torn Letter, then head to the Stormwind Cathedral to turn in the quest to Katherine the Pure (37.8 31.6). Listen to what she has to say about the hammer in the follow-up quest A Lost Brother.

Next, head to Menethil Harbor in Wetlands, and speak to Harold Riggs on the docks (some players have reported a progression blocking bug here). This will lead you to Newman’s Landing (18.0, 74.5) in Dun Morogh. To reach it, swim south from Wetlands along the coast until you reach the docks and look for the body of a fallen crusader. Defeat your would-be ambushers, pick up Orders from the Grand Crusader and accept the next quest Orders from the Grand Crusader, which will take you back to Stormwind and Katherine the Pure.

Finally, defeat High Inquisitor Whitemane inside the Scarlet Monastery Cathedral to gain access to her chambers, where you will locate Aeonas the Vindicated, then head back to Katherine the Pure in Stormwind to turn in the final quest and learn Sheath of Light.

Alterac Mountains

You will need to bring another healer who can resurrect you.

  • Go into the Ruins of Alterac. Click the skeleton on the south-facing wall and loot the Dormant Holy Rune.
  • Cast Divine Intervention on another player. Have your healer resurrect you, and you will learn the new Rune.

Booty Bay

Arathi Highlands 
  • There is Rowboat under the bridge between Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands, around /53 91 on the Arathi Highlands map. Interact with the boat and you will be teleported to the eastern shore.
  • Find Illari Duskfeather and speak with her. For most races, she will give (two equally hostile) dialogue options; upon choosing one, she will fight you. Defeat her, pick up the dropped bag and loot Illari’s Key. Open the chest and loot the Rune.

Paladin Runes from SoD Phase 1

In Phase 1, most early Runes have different locations for either Alliance or Horde. Higher level Runes do have the same discovery location for both factions.

Dun Morogh
Dwarf Paladins are given the Relics of the Light quest from the Paladin trainer to recover a stolen Libram of Judgement, which has a chance to drop from nearby Frostmane Trolls in Coldridge Valley. Equip the libram, then use Judgement 10 times to gain the fully inspired buff. Activate the equipped Libram from your character sheet to then learn Crusader Strike.

Elwynn Forest
Human Paladins are given the Relics of the Light quest from the Paladin trainer to recover a stolen Libram of Judgement, which has a chance to drop from nearby Defias in Northshire. Equip the libram, then use Judgement 10 times to gain the fully inspired buff. Activate the equipped Libram from your character sheet to then learn Crusader Strike.
Dun Morogh
West of Kharanos, inside the wendigo cave. There is an Adventurer’s Remains on the ground, /way 43.0 49.6. Right-click to summon a portal and have a second player right-click to summon an Adventurer’s Spirit. The mob will die, and you can both loot the rune and learn it.

Elwynn Forest
East of Jerod’s Landing, there is an Adventurer’s Remains on the ground, /way 52.4 84.6. Right-click to summon a portal and have a second player right-click to summon an Adventurer’s Spirit. The mob will die, and you can both loot the rune and learn it.
Stormwind City
Speak to the Bartender Liv Bradford in the Park in Stormwind at /way 22.6 64.6, and use the dialogue option “How’s business?”. She will let you know business is poor due to a local drunk. Talk to the nearby drunk Stuart (level 10) – and defeat him for the rune.

Only the person who gets the final hit on the drunk will get credit, regardless of who tapped the target first. There is no group credit for this.

Dun Morogh
In front of the gates of Gnomeregan, west of Dun Morogh, you will find a Wounded Adventurer/way 25.6 43.0. Use the spell Purify and talk to him.

Elwynn Forest
Use Purify on the Wounded Adventurer at the end of Jasperload Mines, a new section with spiders, /way 62.0 47.6.
Talk to Brother Romulus in Stormwind Cathedral.

Take the western stairway down; follow it to the lowest level to find a note on a ledge, next to a candle, /way 33 24.7. This may take some time to respawn.

Go to an island at the river intersection between Elwynn Forest, Westfall, and Duskwood – coordinates in Duskwood, /way #1431 4.4 28.4. Find Ada Gelhardt on the island and fight her. She will surrender rather than die, but get the last hit for credit. Talk to Ada to receive the rune.
Loch Modan
Go to one of the lower rooms of the tavern in Thelsamar. There will be a Libram of Blessings on the table that gives a quest. Give Blessings to 5 different players to receive the Rune.

Kill Undying Laborer in Jangolode Mine, Westfall and loot Libram of Blessings, which gives a quest. Give Blessings to 5 different players to receive the Rune.
Loch Modan
Inside a Stonesplitter Valley cave, there is a Sunken Reliquary that contains a Libram of Justice/way 36.8 91.4. Players will then need to kill 10 enemies that have been stunned by Hammer of Justice

Libram of Justice is dropped from Defias Drone in southeast Westfall. Players will then need to kill 10 enemies that have been stunned by Hammer of Justice.

Rune of Beckoning Light is purchasable for 2 when you reach Friendly with the new Supply Faction, Azeroth Commerce Authority.

This rune is sold by Grizzby, located in Ratchet. In order to purchase this rune, Grizzby will require you to complete the following pre-quests.

Shredder Turbochargers – You will need to bring Grizzby 16 Shredder Turbocharger. These are acquired by using Shredder Autosalvage Unit on Venture Co. Shredders in the Windshear Crag, Stonetalon Mountains.
Dark Iron Ordinance – You will need to bring Grizzby 20 Dark Iron Ordinance. These are acquired by slaying Dark Iron Insurgent in North Loch Modan, or Dark Iron Rifleman and other Dark Iron dwarves in North Wetlands.
Fish Oil – You will need to bring Grizzby 24 Fish Oil. These are acquired by slaying murlocs in Hillsbrad or Wetlands.

You may also use the Auction House as these items are fairly common.

Redridge Mountains

Kill Dro’zem the Blasphemous, a level 23 rare Elite spawn orc. He can spawn in several locations, so check the database entry. Most reliable location seems to be the cave in the northern part around /way 34.8 7.6.

Click on the orb at the top of the Tower of Althalaxx in Northern Darkshore.

Go to Maestra’s Post in Ashenvale and speak with Delgren the Purifier, who will begin Advice From Stormwind.

Turn this quest in to Katherine the Pure, who will begin the follow-up quest, A Second Opinion.

Speak with Ursula Deline in the Stormwind Mage Quarters to receive the quest Earning Your Salt.

In Redridge Mountains, kill Blackrock Summoner until you have looted 14 Summoner’s Salt.

Turn the quest in at Stormwind to receive the follow-up, It Must Be Destroyed.

Go to Demon Fall Canyon in Ashenvale and kill Searing InfernalFelguard, and Mannoroc Lasher until you loot 12 Mote of Mannoroth.

At around /way 89 77, you will find Mannoroth’s weapons. Click on the circle below the weapons, and a broken orb will drop to the ground. Interact with this to begin the final quest in the chain, Return to Delgren.

Once this has been completed, you will receive the Rune.
Libram of Banishment will drop off several Defias mobs, including Defias Night RunnerDefias Night Blade, and Defias Enchanter. These are primarily located in Yorgen Farmstead and the farm south of Raven Hill Cemetery.
You must then Turn Undead 5 enemies, and slay them with Exorcism. After completing this task, you will be rewarded with the Exorcist ability.


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