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Rogue Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

We have summarized all locations of the Rogue Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the Runes from Phase 1 and 2 in SoD. All SoD Rogue Runes here on
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Rogue Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

We have summarized all locations of the Rogue Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the Runes from Phase 1 and 2 in SoD. All SoD Rogue Runes here on

Rogue Runes from SoD Phase 3

All Runes in Phase 3 have the same location for both Alliance and Horde.

This Rune requires Friendly reputation with Emerald Wardens. Once you are Friendly, check in with an Emerald Wardens Quartermaster and purchase your Rune for 1 60.

Rogues should travel to the Blasted Lands at /way 45.3 16.4, Dreadmaul Hold.

Climb the tower at this location, and at the top you will find an Abandoned Cache requiring  Lockpicking skill 225. Unlocking this lockbox spawns a level 46 Draenei Murderous Lost One, which rewards the Rune of Carnage Rune of Carnage on death.

Head to Lost Rigger Cove in Tanaris (/way 71 45). While there,  Pick Pocket Southsea Pirates and Southsea Freebooters until you get a Kidnapper's Coin Purse Kidnapper’s Coin Purse. Open it and get the Precious Medallion Precious Medallion.

Next, bring the Precious Medallion Precious Medallion to Jabbey in Steamwheedle Port (/way 67 22). Here, you’ll be able to exchange the Precious Medallion Precious Medallion for the Rune.

  • Pick up the quest The Wild Gods The Wild Gods from Shadowtooth Emissary in Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood, /way 51.5 82. This initial quest is not shareable; everyone will need to pick it up for themselves.

  • Only one player in a group needs to have done this step: Go to Jinth’Alor in the Hinterlands. Kill elite trolls to obtain Wildwhisper Draught Wildwhisper Draught.

  • Go to Razorfen Downs and clear the area around Amnennar the Coldbringer. Drink Wildwhisper Draught Wildwhisper Draught to spawn Spirit of Agamaggan. Speak to him to get a quest and Agamaggan's Roar Agamaggan’s Roar. Only one player needs to drink the draught to spawn him.

  • You can either do all three Dungeons for variety, or you can do multiple runs on the same dungeon. There is no difference between the Wild Offering Wild Offering drops among the three mobs. Since Wild Offering Wild Offering also becomes a currency (see Tips below), you will want to farm more of these anyway.

    In each of these three Dungeons related to this Rune, you will need to kill specific mobs in to spawn a ghostly mob.

    This ghostly mob can be killed once per Dungeon lockout, meaning resetting the same Dungeon and running it again is a valid strategy. When you trigger the conditions for the ghostly mob, you get a chat emote “You feel a shadowed presence”. Use Agamaggan's Roar Agamaggan’s Roar near the ghostly mob; this makes a level 52 elite called the Delirious Ancient turn hostile. Each Ancient drops 1x Wild Offering Wild Offering:

  • Once you have collected all three Wild Offering Wild Offerings, return to Shadowtooth Emissary to collect your Rune.

You need to have completed The Manor, Ravenholdt The Manor, Ravenholdt and have Ravenholdt reputation unlocked in order to begin this questline.

When you reach Level 45 and enter a major city, you will receive a mail which send you to Ravenholdt Manor to talk to Fahrad.

  1. Fool Me Twice Fool Me Twice
    Go to Ravenholdt Manor and find Fahrad. Fahrad fills you in on the mysterious “C” and what he is up to.
  2. The Talisman of Kazdor The Talisman of Kazdor
  3. Best Laid Plans Best Laid Plans
    Return to Ravenholdt Manor and take the Talisman of Kazdor Talisman of Kazdor to Zan Shivsproket in the basement.
  4. One Last Drop One Last Drop
    Take the Modified Talisman Modified Talisman to the dead drop in Pyrewood Village.
  5. Biding Our Time Biding Our Time
    Return to Fahrad at Ravenholdt for your Rune of the Coterie Rune of the Coterie as well as Filcher's Cowl Filcher’s Cowl.

Rogue Runes from SoD Phase 2

All Runes in Phase 2 have the same location for both Alliance and Horde.


Booty Bay

Arathi Highlands 
  • There is Rowboat under the bridge between Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands, around /53 91 on the Arathi Highlands map. Interact with the boat and you will be teleported to the eastern shore.
  • Find Illari Duskfeather and speak with her. For most races, she will give (two equally hostile) dialogue options; upon choosing one, she will fight you. Defeat her, pick up the dropped bag and loot Illari’s Key. Open the chest and loot the Rune.

At level 30, you will receive a letter in the mail from “C” that outlines a job for you to do — “a touch more involved than your foray into Shadowfang Keep”.

  • Go to Pyrewood Village in Silverpine Forest to find a briefing in the same Dead Drop chest, /way #1421 47.1 71.1.
  • Pick up the quest The Eye of Bhossca by looting the chest. It instructs you to find a disguise on the Monastery’s grounds.
  • Go behind Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal Glades and find a box inside the stable. Loot the box for your disguise, put it on, and head inside the outer area of Scarlet Monastery. Note that the disguise only works if you’re inside of the Scarlet Monastery instance, and not in a group.
  • Use Pick Pocket on a Scarlet Scryer in the Graveyard wing and loot Scryer’s Key.
  • Go into the LIbrary wing and loot a sparkling box inside the Athanaeum.
  • Go into the Graveyard wing and /sit on a bench in the Forlorn Cloister, then cross the room to /sit on the bench on the other side.
  • Turn right (north on your minimap) and loot a sparkling chest inside one of the mausoleum niches.
  • Return to the Library wing. Go to the Gallery of Treasures and loot your last box for the Eye of Bhossca. Return to the Dead Drop in Pyrewood Village and place the Eye in the Dead Drop chest.
  • Go back to a major city (not a village or settlement) and check your mail. You will receive a lockbox.
  • Return to the Dead Drop and loot the Rune of Shadowstep.
Swamp of Sorrows

Head to (/way 42, 30). A Dart Trap is attached to a tree, which will fire a Poison Dart if you step too close in front of it. Use Disarm Trap on the Dart Trap to obtain this Rune.

Thousand Needles

Go to Camp E’Thok in Thousand Needles and find the largest tent, (/way 18.5 20.9). Inside the tent on the right wall, there will be a small chest which contains even more chests. Keep opening the chest-within-a-chest until you finally obtain this Rune.

Stranglethorn Vale

Head to Kurzen’s compound in northern Stranglethorn Vale. In the compound you will see a stone tower, and to the north of that a cave into the hillside.

  • Head into the stone tower where you will find Wendel Mathers imprisoned in a cage, /way 44.2 8.0. Talk to him and he will ask you to get the key to free him.
  • Pickpocket Kurzen mobs in the cave to find the key.
  • There is also a chest in the cave that you will need 125 lockpicking to open – loot that.
  • Return to the tower and free Wendel Mathers.
  • Now return to Booty Bay and find Captain Aransas. You will find her at /way 27.8 76.6, on the lower fishing platform.
  • Talk to Captain Aransas to get your rune. As a bonus, she gives you Jani’s Charm as well.

Rogue Runes from SoD Phase 1

In Phase 1, most early Runes have different locations for either Alliance or Horde. Higher level Runes do have the same discovery location for both factions.

Dun Morogh
Thrice Stolen/Thrice Stolen tells you that the rune was stolen by the Frostmane. It’s in the Coldridge Valley caves near Grik’nir the Cold, on a side ledge around /way 30 80.
Elwyyn Forest
Thrice Stolen directs you to find a rune stolen by the Defias. It’s in a chest near some outhouses at /way 52.5 51.9.
Sends you to find a rune in a hidden compartment inside an owl idol. Go up the long walkway up the tree near the main building, and take it nearly all the way up until you are looking down at the top ridgeline of the roof. Jump over the edge and onto the right side of the roof, then follow the roof down along the right side until you can see the ledge with the owl figurine at /way 59.70, 42.58. Jump down to the ledge and click the owl to retrieve the rune.
Tirisfal Glades

The Scarlet Rune asks you to kill or or pickpocket Scarlet Convert in eastern Deathknell until you get the rune.


Atop the Cliffs requires you to open a chest from the nearby cliffs. Go out around the lefthand side as if you were heading toward Sarkoth, but stick to the left side and run along the rocks until you’re overlooking the starter area, just over the round building. Look down and you’ll see two ledges, one close to you and one farther away with the chest on it. Jump down to the near ledge and hop over to the chest. The chest is at /way 43.2, 69.6.

These all involve pickpocketing or looting four map fragments (Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, and Bottom Right) to create a whole map. Each requires looting and/or pickpocketing from a different group of mobs. Combine and use the map to reveal the treasure. You cannot mix fragments from different zones to create a map. Chests despawn when looted so you may need to wait briefly for respawn.

  • Dun Morogh Treasure Map – Troggs, Leper Gnomes, Trolls, & Dark Iron Spies. Treasure is under a bridge between Kharanos and Ironforge at /way 46,96, 43.73

  • Elwynn Treasure Map – Kobolds, Gnolls, Defias Bandits, and Murlocs. Treasure is near a stump near Ridgepoint Tower at /way 80.30 79.42.

  • Teldrassil Treasure Map – Bloodfeathers, Viscious Grells and Rascal Sprites, Timberlings, and Gnarlpines. Treasure in the hollow stump behind the building in Rut’theran Village, /way 55.33 90.84.

  • Durotar Treasure Map – Sailors in Tirisgarde Keep, Burning Blade Cultists in Thunder Ridge, Quilboar near Razor Hill, and Trolls in Echo Isles. Treasure in the southernmost part of the Echo Isles in front of a statue, /way 62.1 94.8.

  • Tirisfal Treasure Map – Rot Hide Gnolls North of Brill, Murlocs on the Northern coast, Scarlet humans to the West, and Human Farmers to the West. Treasure is under the bridge in Tirisfal Glades, /way 52.9 54.0.
Dun Morogh
There is a chest on the big barrel atop Kharanos Inn – go around the left side of the building and up the snow slope to the roof, then to the Rusty Lockbox at /way 47.0 52.0.
Elwynn Forest
Just north of Goldshire Inn there is a house, /way 46.0, 62.2. Use the crates to climb on the roof where you will find a Rusty Lockbox containing the rune.
Found inside random Gnarlpine Caches inside the Barrow Den.
Found inside a chest at Drygulch Ravine, /way 53.8 27.1
Tirisfal Glades
Found inside a Relic Coffer in Agamand Crypts, /way 52.5 25.8Agamand Relic Coffer Key can be looted from nearby mobs.
Dun Morogh
Kill Dark Iron Dwarves just south of Helm’s Bed Lake in Dun Morogh until you receive Blackrat’s NoteBlackrat can be found stealthed at Misty Pine Refuge at a boat near the frozen lake, /way 57.2 45.4.
Elwynn Forest
Pickpocket Garrick Padfoot, then deliver the note to Cutty, who is stealthed on the south side of the wall, just up the river from Crystal Lake, just south of Northshire, /way 50 52. This leads to a quest
Drops off of Lord Melenas in the cave north of Dolanaar.
Pickpocket the Burning Blade mobs above Razor Hill in Dustwind Cave, entrance /way 52.85 29.03, and you will get Note from Ba’so. Find stealthed troll Ba’so/way 52.0 58.4, and turn in the note. This is also a good place to get the Top-Left Map Piece for the Rune of Quick Draw.
Tirisfal Glades
Pickpocket Captain Perrine at /way 51.8 67.4, then take his signet ring to the Brill town hall to create a forged document. Take this document to Jamie Nore to receive the rune.
Loot the Rune from the Dusty Chest, which is located right outside of the Rogue trainer area in the Forlorn Cavern, to the right of the stairs in an alcove, /way 51.9 12.8. Upon looting the chest, two Level 10 Cut-throat Mugger will spawn. Defeat them to receive the rune.
Found in the Dwarven District in Stormwind. Go to the end of the alley and into the house. Upstairs next to the bed there is a Dusty Chest at /way 61.9 29.3; open it and 2 level 10 Cut-throat Mugger will spawn. Defeat them to receive the rune.
Acquire the Gnarlpine Stash Key from killing or pickpocketing any Gnarlpine enemies in Teldrassil. Then use the key to open Gnarlpine Stash at around /way 37.9, 82.5.
Found in a Dusty Chest on the second level of The Drag around /way 55.88, 44.92, outside on the right side of the house of Zilzibin Drumlore before the Herbalism trainer.
Tirisfal Glades
Found in a Shipwreck Cache underwater in Tirisfal Glades near /way 65.9, 25.6. Pickpocket the key from any Murloc in the area.
Located in a small pocket of interactable dirt between the tree roots of the Auberdine Lighthouse, /way 32 37.
Loch Modan
Located inside a Stonemason’s Toolbox on a platform behind quest givers at the Stonewrought Dam, /way 46.4 12.7
On the hill behind the Sentinel Hill Inn, there is an Defias Scout with an Escape Plan buff, which will cause them to flee if they sense danger. Use Stealth to avoid detection and Pickpocket Defias Scout.
Head to Northwatch Hold. As you pass the main gate look to your left, you’ll see a stable with a chest on the roof. Go up and around to the right and jump down onto the wall behind the stable. Once there you can jump to the roof and loot the chest for the rune. You need lockpicking (80) to open this chest.
Silverpine Forest
Go to the entrance of Shadowfang Keep and use Sprint to jump to the Rusty Chest on a small platform at /way 45.3, 67.3. A movement speed bonus like Sprint is required to make the jump.

Rune of Teasing is purchasable for 2 when you reach Friendly with the new Supply Factions, Durotar Supply and Logistics for Horde players and Azeroth Commerce Authority for Alliance players.

At Durnholde Keep in Hillsbrad Foothills, behind the building with Tog’thar there is a vendor. Purchase Hot Tip for 75.

Open Hot Tip to receive Safe Combination.

Follow the river North until you enter Western Plaguelands. You’ll see a waterfall just before the lake with a Rusty Safe at the bottom that contains this Rune, /way 59.4 84.6.
This rune is sold by Grizzby, located in Ratchet. In order to purchase this rune, Grizzby will require you to complete the following pre-quests.

You may also use the Auction House as these items are fairly common.
Pickpocket Defias Night Runner in Duskwood until you loot Engraved Gold Ring. There are some just south of Raven Hill Cemetery. Equip the ring.

Find the statue in the middle of the Raven Hill Cemetery at /way 19.9 45.5, and /kneel in front of it.


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