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Mage Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

We have summarized all locations of the Mage Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the Runes from Phase 1 and 2 in SoD. All SoD Mage Runes here on
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Mage Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

We have summarized all locations of the Mage Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the Runes from Phase 1 and 2 in SoD. All SoD Mage Runes here on

Mage Runes from SoD Phase 3

All Runes in Phase 3 have the same location for both Alliance and Horde.

Players will need to seek out a Fel Portal (such as Fel SliverFel Tear, or Fel Crack) throughout Azeroth. Closing one of these Fel Portals with a Scroll of Spatial Mending Scroll of Spatial Mending will reward this Rune.

Fel PortalZones
Fel SliverBarrens, Westfall, Darkshore, Silverpine Forest
Fel CrackBarrens, Ashenvale, Redridge Mountain
Fel TearSwamp of Sorrows, Desolace
Fel ScarFeralas, Azshara, Blasted Lands
  • Channel into 4 Ley Crystals scattered around the world. You need 1 material to channel per crystal (4 total). You can use the Worldcore Fragment Worldcore Fragments found from Imp explorations, or a mage in your party can use Scroll of Geomancy Scroll of Geomancy:

    • Feralas: The High Wilderness, /way 57 60
    • Hinterlands: North of the Altar of Zul, /way 48 59
    • Azshara: Southwestern mountains near The Forlorn Ridge, /way 22 79
    • Searing Gorge: /way 55 65
  • Closing each Fel Portal spawns an Enraged Leywalker, a level 47 arcane elemental — naturally, it is immune to Arcane damage. These are challenging fights even at level 50; bring a group if possible. Depending on which zone you are in, you’ll receive a separate Leycryst item after defeating the Enraged Leywalker:
  • Once you’ve collected one of each Leycryst, combine them all to learn this Rune.

This Rune requires Friendly reputation with Emerald Wardens. Once you are Friendly, check in with an Emerald Wardens Quartermaster and purchase your Rune for 1 60.

  • Pick up the quest The Wild Gods The Wild Gods from Shadowtooth Emissary in Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood, /way 51.5 82. This initial quest is not shareable; everyone will need to pick it up for themselves.

  • Only one player in a group needs to have done this step: Go to Jinth’Alor in the Hinterlands. Kill elite trolls to obtain Wildwhisper Draught Wildwhisper Draught.

  • Go to Razorfen Downs and clear the area around Amnennar the Coldbringer. Drink Wildwhisper Draught Wildwhisper Draught to spawn Spirit of Agamaggan. Speak to him to get a quest and Agamaggan's Roar Agamaggan’s Roar. Only one player needs to drink the draught to spawn him.

  • You can either do all three Dungeons for variety, or you can do multiple runs on the same dungeon. There is no difference between the Wild Offering Wild Offering drops among the three mobs. Since Wild Offering Wild Offering also becomes a currency (see Tips below), you will want to farm more of these anyway.

    In each of these three Dungeons related to this Rune, you will need to kill specific mobs in to spawn a ghostly mob.

    This ghostly mob can be killed once per Dungeon lockout, meaning resetting the same Dungeon and running it again is a valid strategy. When you trigger the conditions for the ghostly mob, you get a chat emote “You feel a shadowed presence”. Use Agamaggan's Roar Agamaggan’s Roar near the ghostly mob; this makes a level 52 elite called the Delirious Ancient turn hostile. Each Ancient drops 1x Wild Offering Wild Offering:

  • Once you have collected all three Wild Offering Wild Offerings, return to Shadowtooth Emissary to collect your Rune.

Deep Freeze is part of Greater Friend of the Library Greater Friend of the Library, a quest line that requires Mages to locate and read a large number of books across the world.

To obtain Deep Freeze, you’ll need to read more books, on top of the 20 needed to acquire Spell Power and Icy Veins. The total number needed for this Rune is 25, so put on your reading glasses!

This lists all the books known from Phases 1 and 2; Phase 3 books have officially all been found, and only some coordinates are waiting to be confirmed as a final adjustment.

Phase 3 Books
Swamp of SorrowsSanguine Sorcery Sanguine Sorcery/way 70 51
TanarisLegends of the Tidesages Legends of the Tidesages/way 72.6 47.8
FeralasThe Liminal and the Arcane The Liminal and the Arcane/way 50.6 15.7, inside Book
AzsharaEveryday Etiquette Everyday Etiquette/way 20.7, 62
Blackrock DepthsStonewrought Design Stonewrought DesignCenter of Iron Vault, on the iron felt
HinterlandsVenomous Journeys Venomous Journeys/way 36 72.7
Searing GorgeA Mind of Metal A Mind of Metal/way 37.8 49.6
Blasted LandsConjurer's Codex Conjurer’s Codex/way 55.3 32.2

All Known Book Locations: Zones and Coordinates

Eastern Kingdoms
Alterac MountainsDefensive Magics 101 Defensive Magics 101/way 48.5 57.6
Arathi HighlandsA Web of Lies: Debunking Myths and Legends A Web of Lies: Debunking Myths and Legends/way 73.0, 65.0
BadlandsMummies: A Guide to the Unsavory Undead Mummies: A Guide to the Unsavory Undead/way 57.0, 39.0
DuskwoodCrimes Against Anatomy Crimes Against Anatomy/way 16.7, 28.5
Elwynn ForestArchmage Theocritus's Research Journal Archmage Theocritus’s Research Journal/way 65.4, 70.1  
IronforgeArchmage Antonidas: The Unabridged Autobiography Archmage Antonidas: The Unabridged Autobiography/way 76.3, 10.8  
Loch ModanRumi of Gnomeregan: The Collected Works Rumi of Gnomeregan: The Collected Works/way 35.6, 48.9 (duplicate)
Loch ModanRunes of the Sorcerer-Kings Runes of the Sorcerer-Kings/way 77.5, 14.1
Tirisfal GladesThe Apothecary's Metaphysical Primer The Apothecary’s Metaphysical Primer/way 59.5, 52.3  
Silverpine ForestAtaeric: On Arcane Curiosities Ataeric: On Arcane Curiosities/way 43.4, 41.2  
Silverpine ForestThe Dalaran Digest, Vol. 23 The Dalaran Digest, Vol. 23/way 63.5, 63.1
Stranglethorn ValeBasilisks: Should Petrification be Feared? Basilisks: Should Petrification be Feared?/way 41.5, 50.8
Swamp of SorrowsA Ludite's Guide to Caring for Your Demonic Pet A Ludite’s Guide to Caring for Your Demonic Pet/way 61.0, 22.0
WestfallRumi of Gnomeregan: The Collected Works Rumi of Gnomeregan: The Collected Works/way 52.7, 53.8 (duplicate)
WestfallBewitchments and Glamours Bewitchments and Glamours/way 45.4, 70.5
WetlandsGoaz Scrolls Goaz Scrolls/way 33.6, 47.9
DarkshoreNar'thalas Almanac, Vol. 74 Nar’thalas Almanac, Vol. 74/way 59.6, 22.2
DesolaceDemons and You Demons and You/way 55.0, 28.0
Dustwallow MarshRwlRwlRwlRwl! RwlRwlRwlRwl!/way 57.0, 21.0
OrgrimmarThe Lessons of Ta'zo The Lessons of Ta’zo/way 38.7, 78.4  
The BarrensArcanic Systems Manual Arcanic Systems Manual/way 56.3, 8.8
The BarrensSecrets of the Dreamers Secrets of the Dreamers/way 52.8, 54.7
The BarrensBaxtan: On Destructive Magics Baxtan: On Destructive Magics/way 62.7, 36.3
Thousand NeedlesGeomancy: The Stone-Cold Truth Geomancy: The Stone-Cold Truth/way 34.0, 40.0
Stonetalon MountainsFury of the Land Fury of the Land/way 74.4, 85.7

At Level 42 you can acquire A Lesson in Literacy A Lesson in Literacy from Garion Wendell in Stormwind City or Owen Thadd in Undercity.

Completing the quest will get you  Temporal Anomaly as well as a Personal Spellbook Personal Spellbook.

Mage Runes from SoD Phase 2

All Runes in Phase 2 have the same location for both Alliance and Horde.

Spell Notes: PELFRB STOLLOTS must be decrypted using a Comprehension Charm, which can be purchased from Reagent vendors for 6 30 in capital cities.

Stranglethorn Vale

The Spell Notes: PELFRB STOLLOTS drop from Skullsplitter Mystic outside of Zul’Gurub in Stranglethorn Vale (approximately /way 47 34). This mob has many spawn points and locations, so you may have to search among the other Skullsplitter mobs in the area to find one.

Spell Notes: TROFF IRESTBOL must be decrypted using a Comprehension Charm, which can be purchased from Reagent vendors for 6 30 in capital cities.

Stranglethorn Vale

The Spell Notes: TROFF IRESTBOL drop from Skullsplitter Mystic outside of Zul’Gurub in Stranglethorn Vale (approximately /way 47 34). This mob has many spawn points and locations, so you may have to search among the other Skullsplitter mobs in the area to find one.

Alterac Mountains
  • Mages should head to Alterac Mountains and kill Syndicate Thief (approximately /way 58.8 67.0) until one drops a Singed Note.
  • Head to the Blacksmith Forge in Strahnbrad (approximately /way 60.0 46.4). Once there, you will see two bellows attached to the outside of the forge building. Use a Fire spell such as Flamestrike on each of them until they are glowing red and flaming.
  • Once both Bellows have been set aflame, an Ancient Fire Elemental will spawn. Kill this enemy to loot the Rune.

Booty Bay

Arathi Highlands 
  • There is Rowboat under the bridge between Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands, around /53 91 on the Arathi Highlands map. Interact with the boat and you will be teleported to the eastern shore.
  • Find Illari Duskfeather and speak with her. For most races, she will give (two equally hostile) dialogue options; upon choosing one, she will fight you. Defeat her, pick up the dropped bag and loot Illari’s Key. Open the chest and loot the Rune.
To obtain the Spell Power Rune, you’ll need to read a series of books scattered around the world. Please comment below if you know of any specific book names!
Eastern Kingdoms
Thousand Needles

Collect 3 sets of Partial Spell Notes by having 3-4 mages cool a Scorched mob in Thousand Needles with ice spells such as Frostbolt or Ice Lance:

Combine the Spell Notes to receive the rune.

Mage Runes from SoD Phase 1

In Phase 1, most early Runes have different locations for either Alliance or Horde. Higher level Runes do have the same discovery location for both factions.

Dun Morogh
Spell Research – Troggs’ camp, Coldridge Valley.
Elwynn Forest

Spell Research – Defias agents, Northshire

Spell Research – Burning Blade Familiars, Valley of Trials
Tirisfal Glades

Spell Research – Scarlet Crusade initiates, Deathknell

Dun Morogh
Kill Frostmane Shadowcaster and Frostmane Seer southwest of Brewnall Village.
Elwynn Forest
Kobold Geomancer in and around Jasperlode Mine.
Kill Burning Blade Fanatic in Skull Rock.
Tirisfal Glades
Kill Scarlet Warrior near Solliden Farm.
Elwynn Forest
Random critters will have a Wild Polymorph debuff, particularly near Ridgepoint Tower. Cast Polymorph on 6 of them and loot the Azora Apprentice Notes: Page 1 1-6. Combine these to create the rune.
Tirisfal Glades
Find the Odd Melons near Solliden Farmstead. Cast Polymorph on 6 of them and loot the Apothecary Notes. Combine 6 of these to create the rune.
Dun Morogh
Drops off Frozen Trogg in middle of Gol’Bolar Quarry after attacking it with Fire spells, /way 69.4 58.3.
Elwynn Forest
Drops off Frozen Murloc east of Stone Cairn Lake after attacking it with Fire spells, /way 76.8 51.8
Drops off Frozen Makrura east of Razor Hill after attacking it with Fire spells, /way 58.6 45.6.
Tirisfal Glades
Drop off Frozen Murloc on northwest shore of Brightwater Lake after attacking it with Fire spells, /way 66.4 40.0
Dun Morogh
Elwynn Forest
Tirisfal Glades

Dropped from Stonesplinter Seer in Loch Modan.

Loch Modan
Found in a hut on the northern island in the Loch (South Hut on top island; look for a stack of books).
Dropped from Defias Pillager.
Looted from Kolkar’s Booty chests in The Barrens. Need to kill centaurs for Kolkar Booty Key.
Silverpine Forest
Dropped from Dalaran Apprentice.

Spell Notes: Arcane Surge is purchasable for 2 when you reach Friendly with the new Supply Factions, Durotar Supply and Logistics Reputation Guide – Season of Discovery for Horde players and Azeroth Commerce Authority Reputation Guide – Season of Discovery for Alliance players.

In Zoram Strand, Ashenvale, kill Wrathtail Naga until they drop Naga Manuscript. The riddle of the book requires you to find three crystals along the Zoram Strand (coordinates below). Cast Arcane Explosion on each crystal, starting with the South crystal and working your way north. Complete the casting successfully to receive the rune.

/way 13.08, 24.88
/way 14.08, 19.84
/way 13.51, 15.79

You will need to collect a total of 10 Books across Azeroth, in any combination. The guide linked below has comprehensive locations with waypoints:

This rune is sold by Grizzby, located in Ratchet. In order to purchase this rune, Grizzby will require you to complete the following pre-quests.

Shredder Turbochargers – You will need to bring Grizzby 16 Shredder Turbocharger. These are acquired by using Shredder Autosalvage Unit on Venture Co. Shredders in the Windshear Crag, Stonetalon Mountains.
Dark Iron Ordinance – You will need to bring Grizzby 20 Dark Iron Ordinance. These are acquired by slaying Dark Iron Insurgent in North Loch Modan, or Dark Iron Rifleman and other Dark Iron dwarves in North Wetlands.
Fish Oil – You will need to bring Grizzby 24 Fish Oil. These are acquired by slaying murlocs in Hillsbrad or Wetlands.

You may also use the Auction House as these items are fairly common.
Head to Raven Hill in western Duskwood. Go into the northeastern crypt, head down and take a left into the first big room. Close to the entrance there will be an object that you can interact with that will contain a Decrepit Phylactery.

Exit the crypt, and instead head to the crypt in western Raven Hill. Go down and take a right into the room that has a stone throne.

In the room you will find Slumbering Bones that you can use the Phylactery on. This will summon a level 25 Elite Awakened Lich that casts Banish. This elite drops Spell Notes: Mass Regeneration.

Be careful of the level 35 elite Mor’Ladim that roams the area!


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