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Warlock Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

We have summarized all locations of the Warlock Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the Runes from Phase 1 and 2 in SoD. All SoD Warlock Runes here on
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Warlock Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

We have summarized all locations of the Warlock Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the Runes from Phase 1 and 2 in SoD. All SoD Warlock Runes here on

Warlock Runes from SoD Phase 3

All Runes in Phase 3 have the same location for both Alliance and Horde.

This Rune requires Friendly reputation with Emerald Wardens. Once you are Friendly, check in with an Emerald Wardens Quartermaster and purchase your Rune for 1 60.

  1. Seek out a Fel Portal (options listed below) throughout Azeroth and send their  Explorer Imp inside. It doesn’t matter which type of portal you use.

  2. Stay near the portal to get the appropriate dialogue options.

  3. The  Explorer Imp will return with an Otherworldly Treasure Otherworldly Treasure, which contains Rune of the Felguard Rune of the Felguard.
Fel Portal Locations
Fel PortalZones
Fel SliverBarrens, Westfall, Darkshore, Silverpine Forest
Fel CrackBarrens, Ashenvale, Redridge Mountain
Fel TearSwamp of Sorrows, Desolace
Fel ScarFeralas, Azshara, Blasted Lands
  • Channel into 4 Ley Crystals scattered around the world. You need 1 material to channel per crystal (4 total). You can use the Worldcore Fragment Worldcore Fragments found from Imp explorations, or a mage in your party can use Scroll of Geomancy Scroll of Geomancy:

    • Feralas: The High Wilderness, /way 57 60
    • Hinterlands: North of the Altar of Zul, /way 48 59
    • Azshara: Southwestern mountains near The Forlorn Ridge, /way 22 79
    • Searing Gorge: /way 55 65
  • Closing each Fel Portal spawns an Enraged Leywalker, a level 47 arcane elemental — naturally, it is immune to Arcane damage. These are challenging fights even at level 50; bring a group if possible. Depending on which zone you are in, you’ll receive a separate Leycryst item after defeating the Enraged Leywalker:
  • Once you’ve collected one of each Leycryst, combine them all to learn this Rune.

There are two mobs you will need to find in Feralas, near their respective camps:

  1. Dead Diseased Grimtotem Shaman is next to a tree. Loot the nearby Grimtotem Chest to get Grimtotem Necklace Grimtotem Necklace/way 69.6 43.3.

  2. The Dead Diseased Woodpaw Mystic can be tricky to reach – to reach the camp, use the ramp at /way 63.3 50.1. You will pass the Woodpaw Den cave entrance, but don’t go inside. Follow the edge of the camp east and then north to find the Dead Diseased Woodpaw Mystic on a ledge, /way 66.4 50.8. Loot the nearby Woodpaw Bag to get the Broken Woodpaw Staff Broken Woodpaw Staff .

  3. Combine the staff and necklace to create the Diseased Nature Staff Diseased Nature Staff.

  4. Use the Diseased Nature Staff Diseased Nature Staff on a Diseased Forest Walker to awaken it, located near the Woodpaw camps in Feralas, /way 72.6 50.8. The Diseased Forest Walker is level 43-44 and not Elite.

  5. Defeat the Diseased Forest Walker and loot the Rune.
  • Pick up the quest The Wild Gods The Wild Gods from Shadowtooth Emissary in Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood, /way 51.5 82. This initial quest is not shareable; everyone will need to pick it up for themselves.

  • Only one player in a group needs to have done this step: Go to Jinth’Alor in the Hinterlands. Kill elite trolls to obtain Wildwhisper Draught Wildwhisper Draught.

  • Go to Razorfen Downs and clear the area around Amnennar the Coldbringer. Drink Wildwhisper Draught Wildwhisper Draught to spawn Spirit of Agamaggan. Speak to him to get a quest and Agamaggan's Roar Agamaggan’s Roar. Only one player needs to drink the draught to spawn him.

  • You can either do all three Dungeons for variety, or you can do multiple runs on the same dungeon. There is no difference between the Wild Offering Wild Offering drops among the three mobs. Since Wild Offering Wild Offering also becomes a currency (see Tips below), you will want to farm more of these anyway.

    In each of these three Dungeons related to this Rune, you will need to kill specific mobs in to spawn a ghostly mob.

    This ghostly mob can be killed once per Dungeon lockout, meaning resetting the same Dungeon and running it again is a valid strategy. When you trigger the conditions for the ghostly mob, you get a chat emote “You feel a shadowed presence”. Use Agamaggan's Roar Agamaggan’s Roar near the ghostly mob; this makes a level 52 elite called the Delirious Ancient turn hostile. Each Ancient drops 1x Wild Offering Wild Offering:

  • Once you have collected all three Wild Offering Wild Offerings, return to Shadowtooth Emissary to collect your Rune.

Warlock Runes from SoD Phase 2

All Runes in Phase 2 have the same location for both Alliance and Horde.

Note that this is considered a continuation of the questline for the WoW Classic Metamorphosis Rune Guide – Season of Discovery rune; you will not be able to get it without having completed that.

  1. The Barrens: At level 30, you’ll get a mail to return to the Warlock camp, /way 49.2 57.2. You will get a new quest with Raszel AnderA Solid Foundation. You will also receive an invisibility potion.

  2. Ashenvale: Go to Bough Shadow near the Ysondre World Boss area. Use the provided invisibility potion to get around two level 60 elites. Look for a lootable tree and loot the Bough of Shadows.

    Once you have the Bough of Shadows, return to Raszel Ander. However, you will suffer with stacking shadow dot damage that will eventually kill you. Shadow Ward will mitigate it, and Healing will help you live through it. The dot scales with your max health, so you don’t want to suffer rez sickness if possible since you’ll die more often and this wastes more time.

  3. Pick up Soul Vessel. This requires you to bring back a Soul Vessel, which is crafted by Engineering (205).
  4. Once you have the Soul Vessel, you will need to go to Mannoroc Coven in southern Desolace/ way 54 80. Turn it in and receive the rune for the Grimoire of Synergy.
Arathi Highlands

Booty Bay

Arathi Highlands 
  • There is Rowboat under the bridge between Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands, around /53 91 on the Arathi Highlands map. Interact with the boat and you will be teleported to the eastern shore.
  • Find Illari Duskfeather and speak with her. For most races, she will give (two equally hostile) dialogue options; upon choosing one, she will fight you. Defeat her, pick up the dropped bag and loot Illari’s Key. Open the chest and loot the Rune.
Warlocks must find and interact with a Reckless Warlock to loot Brimstone Carving.
  • Known spawn locations for the Reckless Warlock:
    • Stranglethorn Vale: Spawns inside the Gurubashi Arena, on the western side.
    • Thousand Needles: Spawns near the Singed Highperch Consort around (/way 10, 40).
Once you’ve obtained the Brimstone Carving, players must use Hellfire to damage mobs and themselves. Once you use Hellfire to reduce yourself below 70% health, the charm will transform into the Rune.
  • Go to Shadowbreak Ravine in the southeastern corner of Desolace. Path starts at /way 79.7 82.7. The Altar is located at /way 81.4 79.8.
  • Cast Shadow Ward and interact with the Altar by channeling it. It deals lethal Shadow damage over 5 seconds (Shadow Ritual of Sacrifice), but you cannot be healed while you are channeling the Altar.
    • You can use buffs such as SacrificeShadow WardSoul Link, Shadow resistance/Fortify from other players, Shadow Resistance gear and Shadow Protection Potion, etc
    • You can cheese the sacrifice portion it by using Sacrifice and Shadow Ward while fully geared and starting the channel while naked. You will need to immediately put your gear back once the channel is done.
    Completing the channel will spawn a level 38 Elite succubus, Seductress Ceeyna. She does not have a ton of hit points, but a healer friend is highly recommended.
  • Kill Seductress Ceeyna to loot the Rune.

Warlock Runes from SoD Phase 1

In Phase 1, most early Runes have different locations for either Alliance or Horde. Higher level Runes do have the same discovery location for both factions.

Dun Morogh
Complete quest Stolen Power.
Elwynn Forest
Complete quest Stolen Power.
Complete quest Stolen Power.
Tirisfal Glades
Complete quest The Lost Rune.
Dun Morogh
Find Frozen Trogg at Gol’bolar Quarry (/way 69.6 58.2).
Elwynn Forest
Find Frozen Murloc at Stonecairn Lake (/way 77.0 51.8).
Find Frozen Makrura east of Razor Hill (/way 58.8, 45.6).
Tirisfal Glades
Find Frozen Murloc northwest of Brightwater Lake (/way 66.3, 40).
Go to near Jasperlode Mine in Elwynn Forest and loot the Dead Acolyte near (/way 56.8, 57.0). You’ll receive Powerless Artifact.

Take the Powerless Artifact to the Warlock Trainer Maximillian Crowe in the basement of the Lion’s Pride Inn in Goldshire. You will receive Fel-Powered Artifact in return.

Return to the Dead Acolyte. Use the Fel-Powered Artifact on the spot, will give you Blood Offering.

You have 10 minutes to go to Gakin the Darkbinder in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb, Stormwind City, /way 25.6 77.8. He will take your debuff and give you the rune.
Go near Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal Glades and loot the Dead Acolyte near /way 76.6, 44.4. You will receive Powerless Artifact.

Take the Powerless Artifact to the Warlock Trainer Rupert Boch upstairs in the Gallow’s End Tavern in Brill. You will receive Fel-Powered Artifact in return.

Return to Dead Acolyte Use the Fel-Powered Artifact on the spot, will give you Blood Offering.

You have 10 minutes to go to Carendin Halgar in the Magic Quarter in Undercity, /way 86.0 25.4. He will take your debuff and give you the rune.

Don’t lose the tag on the summoning mob or you’ll need to farm the materials again!

Dun Morogh
Elwynn Forest
  • Obtain Ominous Tome from Kobolds in Jasperlode Mine
  • Loot Gnoll Blood from any Gnoll
  • Loot Wolf Jawbone from any Prowler or Wolf
  • Use the reagents on the summoning circle at The Slaughtered Lamb Inn in the Mage Quarter in Stormwind and kill Soboz.
Elwynn Forest
  • Loot Gnoll Blood from any Gnoll in Garren’s Haunt.
  • Loot Wolf Jawbone from any Darkhound in Tirisfal Glades
  • Use the reagents on the summoning circle in the Sewers location in Undercity – up where the flight path usually flies you over. Kill Soboz.
Dun Morogh
Drain a critter with Drain Soul to obtain Pure Soul Shard. Drain Captain Beld to obtain Tainted Soul Shard. Trade both Shards to Gaklik Voidtwist in Kharanos.
Elwynn Forest
Drain a critter with Drain Soul to obtain Pure Soul Shard. Drain Hogger to obtain Tainted Soul Shard. Trade both Shards to Damien Kane, found in the basement of the Goldshire Inn.
Drain a critter with Drain Soul to obtain Pure Soul Shard. Drain Gazz’uz to obtain Tainted Soul Shard. Trade both Shards to Darmak Bloodhowl in Razor Hill.
Tirisfal Glades
Drain a critter with Drain Soul to obtain Pure Soul Shard. Drain Maggot Eye to obtain Tainted Soul Shard. Trade both Shards to Denton Bleakway in Undercity.
Loch Modan
Buy Malevolent Pie from Greishan Ironstove. Eat it and he will give you the rune.
Drops from Dark Strand Fanatic.
Warlocks must complete several steps in a process:
The Barrens
Siphon your own health away with Health Funnel while standing on the Altar of Thorns. Upon reaching 0 health, the Warlock will be healed to full and granted the Rune.
Silverpine Forest
Cast Curse of Recklessness on and defeat a Sadistic Fiend inside a cave at (/way 56, 45).

Rune of Everlasting Affliction is purchasable for 2 when you reach Friendly with the new Supply Factions, Durotar Supply and Logistics for Horde players and Azeroth Commerce Authority for Alliance players.

Drops from Delmanis the Hated during the quest The Blackwood Corrupted.
Loch Modan
Kill Demonic Remains with a shadow spell at the ruins to the east around (/way 72, 69). It spawns Graix, who drops the Rune.
Use Drain Soul on Old Murk-Eye to receive Soul of the Sea. Use the Soul of the Sea on the Medusa Statue (/way 26, 70).
The Barrens
Use Drain Soul on Supervisor Lugwizzle to receive Soul of Greed. Use the Soul of Greed on the Hungry Idol at (/way 57.08, 9.73).
Silverpine Forest
Kill Ravenclaw Drudger and Ravenclaw Guardian until they drop Tortured Soul. Once gathered, Life Tap to receive a buff, and then use the item. This will spawn a Ghost mob to kill.
Hillsbrad Foothills
Purchase the Demolition Explosives for 1 Gold from Zixil, the wandering Goblin merchant.
Head to Durnholde Keep and use the Demolition Explosives on the Rubble at (/way 79, 40). Destroying this Rubble will reveal a chest containing the Rune.

Find Grizzby in Ratchet at level 25 and complete three quests for him to unlock his vendor tab. This will allow you to purchase Rune of the Pact for 5.

Shredder Turbochargers: Use Shredder Autosalvage Unit on Venture Co. Light Shredder to obtain the 16 Shredder Turbocharger items required for this quest.
Dark Iron Ordinance: Simply kill the Dark Iron Dwarves in northern Wetlands obtain the 20 required Dark Iron Ordinance drops for this quest.
Fish Oil: The Fish Oil drops from level 28+ murlocs in Wetlands or Hillsbrad Foothills. You will have to farm or buy 24 of them.

This Items can also be purchased from the Auction House.
Redridge Mountains

Drops from Incinerator Gar’im at (/way 77, 85).

Receive The Orb of Soran’ruk from Doan Karhan in South Barrens (/way 49, 57). This will require you to loot 3x Soran’ruk Fragment and 1x Large Soran’ruk Fragment.

Recieve the follow-up quest Rumors Abound. This will ask you to find the Orb of Des, and Bough of Altek.

  • Loot the Orb of Des at the top of the Tower of the Ilgalar in Redridge Mountains.
  • Loot the Bough of Altek at the top of the Tower of Althalaxx in Darkshore.

Accept the follow-up quest The Conjuring. This will require you to loot 10x Blood of the Legion.

Return to the Barrens and turn in the quest to receive the final step, Raszel Ander, which will grant the Rune.


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