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Shaman Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

We have summarized all locations of the Shaman Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the Runes from Phase 1 and 2 in SoD. All SoD Shaman Runes here on
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Shaman Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3

We have summarized all locations of the Shaman Runes in Season of Discovery Phase 3, and all the Runes from Phase 1 and 2 in SoD. All SoD Shaman Runes here on

Shaman Runes from SoD Phase 3

All Runes in Phase 3 have the same location for both Alliance and Horde.

Shaman will have to complete several quests around Azeroth in order to obtain this Rune; you need to be at least level 45 to pick up the quests.

These four Notes-based quests require finding a set of dropped Shaman’s Notes from four different mobs in four different zones. You will also pick up four quests along the way that you must complete to gather the Fragments needed to fulfill the greater quest for the Rune.

There are two major steps to this quest. First, you’ll need to follow a questline that has you hunting up four sets of dropped Shaman’s Notes from mobs in four different zones. As you go, you’ll pick up a series of quest to find fragments. Second, you will need to complete the four quests you picked up to collect Fragments; completing these quests summons a level 50 elite you defeat to collect the Rune.

Do NOT turn in the “Answering X’s Call” quests to the Manifestations who gave you the quest in their zones. Only turn these in to the Moderate Manifestations you will spawn at the end in Feralas. Turning these in to the original quest givers in Tanaris, Searing Gorge, Hinterlands, and Azshara will mark these quests completed and you will be unable to summon the final boss!

Step 1: Find Shaman’s Notes, Pick up Quests
Searing Gorge
Step 2: Complete Fragment Quests and Defeat Final Mob

Each of these quests (Answering Earth's Call Answering Earth’s CallAnswering Fire's Call Answering Fire’s CallAnswering Air's Call Answering Air’s Call and Answering Water's Call Answering Water’s Call) require you to collect 3x Elemental Essence Elemental Essence and combine them with provided Fragments.

  1. Go to Feralas and kill Sea Elemental and Sea Spray along the southwest coast. These drop Elemental Essence Elemental Essence.

  2. You’ll need to collect 3x Elemental Essence Elemental Essence for each of the Fragments provided with the quests above (Fragment of Earth Fragment of EarthFragment of Fire Fragment of FireFragment of Air Fragment of Air, and Fragment of Water Fragment of WaterYou can only hold 3 at once, so you’ll need to do your combinations as you go.

  3. Combine the 3x Essences with each the Fragments to produce Glowing Fragment of Earth Glowing Fragment of EarthGlowing Fragment of Air Glowing Fragment of AirGlowing Fragment of Fire Glowing Fragment of Fire, and Glowing Fragment of Water Glowing Fragment of Water

  4. Once you have fulfilled all four quest requirements, go to /way 36 33, and find an area with four pillars. Click the Glowing Fragments in your bag to make the various elemental Moderate Manifestations spawn. Turn in your quests.

  5. A level 50 Twilight Dark Shaman will spawn. Defeat the Dark Shaman to earn this Rune.
  • Pick up the quest The Wild Gods The Wild Gods from Shadowtooth Emissary in Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood, /way 51.5 82. This initial quest is not shareable; everyone will need to pick it up for themselves.

  • Only one player in a group needs to have done this step: Go to Jinth’Alor in the Hinterlands. Kill elite trolls to obtain Wildwhisper Draught Wildwhisper Draught.

  • Go to Razorfen Downs and clear the area around Amnennar the Coldbringer. Drink Wildwhisper Draught Wildwhisper Draught to spawn Spirit of Agamaggan. Speak to him to get a quest and Agamaggan's Roar Agamaggan’s Roar. Only one player needs to drink the draught to spawn him.

  • You can either do all three Dungeons for variety, or you can do multiple runs on the same dungeon. There is no difference between the Wild Offering Wild Offering drops among the three mobs. Since Wild Offering Wild Offering also becomes a currency (see Tips below), you will want to farm more of these anyway.

    In each of these three Dungeons related to this Rune, you will need to kill specific mobs in to spawn a ghostly mob.

    This ghostly mob can be killed once per Dungeon lockout, meaning resetting the same Dungeon and running it again is a valid strategy. When you trigger the conditions for the ghostly mob, you get a chat emote “You feel a shadowed presence”. Use Agamaggan's Roar Agamaggan’s Roar near the ghostly mob; this makes a level 52 elite called the Delirious Ancient turn hostile. Each Ancient drops 1x Wild Offering Wild Offering:

  • Once you have collected all three Wild Offering Wild Offerings, return to Shadowtooth Emissary to collect your Rune.
  • At the south end of a giant skeleton ribcage, click the Odd Totem/way 43 41. This will give you  Totem Challenge, which both gives you  Ghost Wolf form and increases your damage taken by 50%. Try not to get hit!

  • Run quickly to the opposite end of the skeleton to the other Odd Totem and click it. This will spawn a Chest beside it which contains Rune of Rolling Thunder Rune of Rolling Thunder.

This requires 2 players to complete this Rune. The second player does not have to be another Shaman, but having two both using  Lightning Shield is quicker.

  1. Activate the Charged Totem in Feralas, /way 60.0 66.8. This will give all players near the totem an effect called  Charged Air. You must have two players to arc between; it doesn’t matter where they stand as long as they are close enough to the totem to stay within the effect radius.

  2. Stand near the totem and kill mobs standing nearby with  Lightning Shield charges.

  3. Once you have killed enough mobs, a level 44 Whirling Tempest appears. Kill the mob to get the Rune.

This Rune requires Friendly reputation with Emerald Wardens. Once you are Friendly, check in with an Emerald Wardens Quartermaster and purchase your Rune for 1 60.

  1. Travel to /way 76 48. Loot an Old Crate behind an empty tent that contains an Old Key Old Key.

  2. Travel to /way 79.2, 49.4, to the bottom of a waterfall. Open the Old Chest and loot the Rune.

  3. Four Simmering Elementals will spawn. They are level 41-42 and not elite, but they are immune to Frost.

Shaman Runes from SoD Phase 2

All Runes in Phase 2 have the same location for both Alliance and Horde.

Once you have received the Brimstone Icon, equip it. You will then need to hit enemies 25 times with Rockbiter Weapon; doing so and then right clicking the equipped Brimstone Icon will earn you this Rune.

  • Charlga Razorflank in Razorfen Kraul will drop a Scroll. This Scroll can only be used at level 30.
  • Take the Scroll to Rau Cliffrunner in Freewind Post, Thousand Needles
  • Go to Tarren Mill, following the River north. Find Bath’rah the Windwatcher at 80.4, 66.8. Before talking to him, do /pray
  • Go to Desolace and collect 10 Wind Orbs from Wind Elementals
  • Go to Dustwallow Marsh and collect 10 Water Orbs from Water Elementals
  • Go to Badlands and collect 10 Earth Orbs from the Earth Elementals East of Kargath
  • Return to Bath’rah the Windwatcher north of Tarren Mill, bring Crystal Vial x 1. Bath’rah will fill the Vial for you
  • Return to Freewind Post and give the Filled Vial to Rau Cliffrunner
  • Drink the Vial and talk to the Flight Master in Freewind Post
  • Kill the Closest Caster, then kill the Elite Water Elemental. Loot the eye
  • If you die, talk to the spirit guide and ask to be taken back to where you were, do not Spirit Resurrect!
  • Return to Bath’rah the Windwatcher north of Tarren Mill, receive the Rune
Arathi Highlands
  • Find Boulderfist Ogre (level 32-33) in Arathi Highlands; they can be found surrounding a short mountain and inside a cave around /way 34, 44.
  • Kill ogres until you loot the Ogre Lightning Rod.
  • Place the rod on top of the mountain into Soft Soil.
  • Target the Lightning Rod and strike it ten times with Lightning Bolt. This will summon a level 37 Elite named Tam’kar. Kill the Elite to loot the rune.

Booty Bay

Arathi Highlands 
  • There is Rowboat under the bridge between Arathi Highlands and the Wetlands, around /53 91 on the Arathi Highlands map. Interact with the boat and you will be teleported to the eastern shore.
  • Find Illari Duskfeather and speak with her. For most races, she will give (two equally hostile) dialogue options; upon choosing one, she will fight you. Defeat her, pick up the dropped bag and loot Illari’s Key. Open the chest and loot the Rune.
Thousand Needles
Shaman can loot a Weathered Cache on top of the mushroom-shaped rock near Freewind Post in Thousand Needles (/way 46, 53).

Shaman Runes from SoD Phase 1

In Phase 1, most early Runes have different locations for either Alliance or Horde. Higher level Runes do have the same discovery location for both factions.

Troll / Orc
Thunder Bluff

Complete a three-quest chain starting with Stalk With The Earthmother, from Boarton Shadetotem located behind the Bag Vendor in the Lower Rise. Find Seaforium Mining Charge in the Venture Co. Mine, Collect Pinecone from Harpies, and fillet a Raw Brilliant Smallfish to learn the skill.

These are random spawn totems on the ground; listen for the lightning cast sound to help you pinpoint the location.

Players will find a Galvanic Icon around Durotar. After interacting with them, kill 10 enemies with Lightning Bolt to learn the rune.

Players will find a Galvanic Icon in random locations around Mulgore, most commonly near the border with the Barrens. After interacting with them, kill 10 enemies with Lightning Bolt to learn the rune.

After finding Adventurer’s Remains or Adventurer’s Spirit in one of the locations listed below, you will have to team up with another healer of any class to start the ritual. This will summon a mob, which will drop a rune for every player involved when defeated. However, the mob will despawn for some time after somebody finishes it, meaning it’s harder to complete in popular zones.

Near a tree in Kolkar Crag (canyon inhabited by centaurs south of Valley of Trials), /way 48.0 79.6.

On an overlook at /way 60.4 33.6; you have to go through the Venture Co. Mine to reach it.
East of Razor Hill is a Frozen Makrura trapped in ice inside a small hut, /way 58.8 45.4. Use Fire spells to stack a Fire Damage debuff five times, then Sulfurous Icon can be looted. After equipping Sulfurous Icon you need to defeat 10 enemies with Earth Shock, after which you can use the Relic from your equipped items and learn the rune.

At the Bael’Dun Digsite southwest of Thunder Bluff, you can find a chest, Artifact Storage at /way 31.6 49.5. To open it you will need to loot Artifact Storage Key from nearby Dwarves. Inside you will find Sulfurous Icon. After equipping Sulfurous Icon you need to defeat 10 enemies with Earth Shock, after which you can use the Relic from your equipped items and learn the rune.
Use Purge on a Desert Mirage at around /way 59 37.

Silverpine Forest
Rot Hide Mystic in northern Silverpine Forest drops Rot Totem, which when used summons a level 15 Elite. The Rune drops from this Elite.

Rune of Healing Rain is purchasable for 2 when you reach Friendly with the new Supply Faction, Durotar Supply and Logistics.

The Barrens
Can be found by looting Kolkars’ Booty chests using Kolkar Booty Key looted from Kolkar centaurs. Once acquired, players will need to hit 10 non-player enemies with 3 different elements (Nature, Frost, Fire) to receive this Rune.

Silverpine Forest
Can be looted from Grimson the Pale within the Deep Elem Mine in Silverpine Forest. Once acquired, players will need to hit 10 non-player enemies with 3 different elements (Nature, Frost, Fire) to receive this Rune.

This rune is sold by Grizzby, located in Ratchet. In order to purchase this rune, Grizzby will require you to complete the following pre-quests.

You may also use the Auction House as these items are fairly common.
Stonetalon Mountains
South of the Charred Vale, near the entrance to Desolace, there is a level 25 Elite enemy called Primordial Anomaly. This Elemental will shift among fire, frost, and earth forms, and you will need to use the mob’s elemental weaknesses to kill it.
Hillsbrad Foothills
The Kajaric Icon drops from Mudsnout Shaman in the eastern part of the zone.
After equipping the Relic, you have to take damage from lava 5 times.
Once you have taken lava damage 5 times, you will receive the Inspired buff. ]You can now use the Kajaric Icon from your equipped items, which will teach you Engrave Gloves – Lava Burst.


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