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The War Within: Warbands Guide & Overview

Learn more about the Warband System from the new World of Warcraft Expansion – The War Within. Check out our The War Within: Warbands Guide & Overview here on
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The War Within: Warbands Guide & Overview

Learn more about the Warband System from the new World of Warcraft Expansion – The War Within. Check out our The War Within: Warbands Guide & Overview here on

What are Warbands?

The new Warbands feature, making its debut in The War Within, will encompass all the characters linked to a player’s account, along with the items, collections, and progression they collectively hold.

It’s worth noting that your Warband is restricted to characters within a specific region (e.g., Americas, Europe, Korea, Taiwan) but extends across all realms, factions, and even subscriptions (different WoW Licenses) within that region.

Numerous aspects of World of Warcraft have long been interconnected across your account—essentially forming a cohesive Warband. This encompasses your array of pets, mounts, transmog collection, and more. With the introduction of Warbands, Blizzard vastly broadens the scope of game elements that benefit from Warband integration. Here are just a few of the new changes:

  • New reputations and Renown tracks will be universally applicable across your Warband.
  • A new Warband bank will facilitate effortless storage and exchange of items among your characters.
  • The capability to amass most item appearances with any character in your Warband, regardless of their gear compatibility, will be implemented. (Warriors can now collect Priest Transmog)

Warband-Wide Reputation

When you attain a Warband reputation, any advancements made by one character will be distributed among all your characters. Although rewards will be unlocked universally, their nature may differ from one reward to another. Warband-wide rewards will be granted only once, while some rewards will remain specific to each character and must be collected individually.

Upon converting a reputation to Warband-wide status, the reputation progress displayed will reflect the highest achieved by any character across your account. For instance, if one character reached Renown 5 for Valdrakken Accord and another reached Renown 10, your new Warband Valdrakken Accord Renown will be 10.

List of Dragonflight Renown & Reputation Converted to Warband Reputation:

  • Renown
    • Dragonscale Expedition
    • Maruuk Centaur
    • Iskaara Tuskarr
    • Valdrakken Accord
    • Loamm Niffen
    • Dream Wardens
  • Standard
    • Wrathion & Sabellian
    • Cobalt Assembly
    • Artisan’s Consortium
    • Azerothian Archives
    • Soridormi

Blizzard has announced that Reputation from previous Expansions will be added slowly over the course of the World Soul Saga. More information or any release date for that is not yet available!

First-Time Quest Rewards

Part of Warband reputation implementation is in satisfying the goal that players with many alts don’t have an intrinsic advantage over those who focus their playtime on a single character. To accomplish this, Blizzard introduced a new concept with quest rewards. Players can earn a bonus quest reward for any quest completed for the first time on their Warband. An additional, different, bonus will can be granted for completing a quest additional times.

With this setup, you can complete quests for any character you want without impacting your reputation or progress. Whichever character completes them first will earn the reputation for your Warband. This also avoids the situation in which a player who plays many characters can rapidly advance in reputation over someone who only plays one character.

Warband Banking System

Gold Transfer

One of the main features of the bank is the ability to store gold. With this you can quickly share gold between all characters on your account, even between those from opposite factions, without relying on mail.

Warbank Tabs

The Warbank features five different tabs, each capable of holding 98 items for a total of 490 slots. The Warbank can hold any item that isn’t soulbound to a character. By default, your Warbank has zero tabs unlocked. You can check the price to unlock each tab below.

Tab 11,000
Tab 225,000
Tab 3100,000
Tab 4500,000
Tab 52,500,000


Warbank Tab Layout

Similar to a Guild Bank, each tab can be customizable with icons and intended contents. You can also sort Warbank tabs.

Accessing your Warbank

The Warbank is a new tab available from your regular bank, similar to the Reagent Bank. Meaning any method of accessing your bank can also be used to access your Warbank, like any banker in major cities, Jeeves Jeeves for Engineers,  Pack Hobgoblin for Goblins, etc.

Shared Currency & Supplies

Like map exploration, it was decided to handle currency a little differently. Rather than making it fully Warband-wide, which could create potential confusion,  we opted to make it easier to transfer currency between characters in your Warband instead. This will help avoid confusion over spending the wrong currency on the wrong character.

With this new flow, instead of relying on buying a special item and mailing it to an alt, you can directly transfer any shareable currency from other characters to the one you are currently playing within the currency User Interface (UI).

There may be some cases in which a currency is earned on a character with the intent that the character will be the primary user of the currency, but where Blizzard wants to allow players to shift any excess currency to an alternate character. In those cases, there will be a slight loss in the transfer of that currency. This is akin to older currencies in which this value loss was accomplished via an item purchase, such as Cosmic Flux from Shadowlands.

Warbound-Equipped Gear

Warbound until Equipped is a new type of gear binding that is introduced in The War Within. Gear that is Warbound until Equipped can be freely traded across your Warband but becomes Soulbound once it’s equipped by a character.

In the past high item-level account-bound gear hasn’t been available because it could be used and freely traded across characters. For example, it would be too easy to transfer a high item-level account-bound ring between characters if it did not bind to a character when equipped. Players would be tempted to trade between all their alternate characters depending on who they were playing. This isn’t the type of gameplay we want to encourage or support.

Transmog for all Classes

When rolling Transmog, any gear that drops that can be equipped by your current character will get a higher rolling priority than those rolling with characters who cannot equip the item (e.g., a priest will always beat a warrior when both roll transmog on a piece of cloth gear).

Reworked Account-Wide Achievements

Achievements have always had an account-wide component to them. Some achievements (those with a blue shade) are fullyaccount-wide. Progress on these is shared across characters and completion is for the entire World of Warcraft account.

There have also always been character-specific achievements in which progress and completion of these achievements is per character. These achievements show as complete if any character on the the account has completed them. Often, the rewards earned are also character-specific.  

With the introduction of Warbands, all achievements are to be considered “Warband” achievements. You, the player, accomplished them, so you should not feel like you need to complete them on more than one character or feel like you do not want to play another character because they are missing achievements.

The primary exception to achievement rewards being Warband-wide is those that are intrinsically per character, such as Dreaming of Wyrms (Uptrading Crests to higher Level). Another exception is achievements that celebrate highly prestigious accomplishments on a specific character, like the Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 3 achievement, whose title and progress will remain character-specific.


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