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Season 3.24 – Flicker Strike Slayer

Our Season 3.24 – Necropolis League Starter Builds are for Beginners and Advanced Players. Check out our Season 3.24 – Flicker Strike Slayer here on

Season 3.24 – Flicker Strike Slayer

Our Season 3.24 – Necropolis League Starter Builds are for Beginners and Advanced Players. Check out our Season 3.24 – Flicker Strike Slayer here on

You can check out all of our other League Starter Builds here, for Beginners and Advanced Players.

Changes in Season 3.24 - Necropolis

  • Several Flasks have been changed, especially the Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz Flasks which reduced our damage taken from their respective elements. Instead, they are now rewarding Maximum Resistances which is still good for this build. According to our simulations, this will result in a 10% increased damage taken of these Elements, which should still not break this build, as long as our Resistances with these Flasks do not exceed 90%.

  • The Unique Flask Cinderswallow Urn can no longer gain ‘Reduced Mana Costs of Skills’. This does not change much for this build, because it was just an added bonus to the damage it provides to this build. Other stats like Crit Chance during Effect could be useful instead.

Leveling & Early Game

In order to be able to play this Build, you have to choose a Duelist in the Character Creation.

Before you reach the Endgame, players have to finish all 10 Acts of the Campaign. Most of the times, you will not be able to use the same abilities in the early game as you do in the Endgame. Here is an overview how you can progress easily throughout the Campaign. In this List, you will find all Gems to use in the Early Game, and To-Do Lists for all Quests and Trials in Act 1 – 10.

For even further Leveling advice, check out our Leveling Guide here.

Talents - Ascendancy - Pantheon

Our Leveling Talent Tree focuses on utilizing the Gems being used early into the Campaign, often times changing as soon Players finish Act 10.

During the Campaign, Players can receive up to 20 Regret Points, which our Leveling Talent Tree will not exceed whenever changing to the Early Maps / Midgame Talent Tree.

After completing the Campaign, Players can start utilizing a more in-depth Talent Tree, focusing on their new Abilities and Gear that they want to obtain during this time.

Upon reaching higher Levels, we are using more Jewel Slots and even Cluster Jewels to increase our damage. This often requires to unallocate previously skilled Talents to gain the needed amount of Passive Skills.

Our Talent Tree will not exceed Level 95. This is to ensure that its a rather achievable goal after several days.

If players are reaching a higher Level then 95, more Jewel Sockets are a preferable way to use the remaining Passive Skills.

Gear / Equipment

SlotSuggested Gear
HelmetDevoto’s Devotion – Unique Helmet/
Body ArmorReplica Farruls Fur – Unique Chest/

Rare Gloves

  • Spell Suppression
  • Attributes
  • Resistances
  • Attack Speed


For Endgame:

  • Warlord Infl. – Maximum Frenzy Charges
  • Hunter Infl. – Non-Vaal Strikes target +1 Target
  • Aspect of the Cat (Important for Farruls Fur)

Eldritch Implicits:

  • Non Vaal Strike Skills target +1 Target
  • Accuracy per Frenzy Charge
BootsDarkray Vectors – Unique Boots 

Rare Amulett

  • Resistances
  • +1 All Skill Gems
  • Elemental Damage with Attacks


  • Panopticon



  • Resistances
  • Attributes
Ring 1

Rare Ring

  • Elemental Damage with Attacks
  • Added Cold/Fire Damage to Attacks
  • Maximum Life
  • Resistances
  • Attributes
  • Attack Speed


  • Resistances
Ring 2

Rare Ring

  • Elemental Damage with Attacks
  • Added Cold/Fire Damage to Attacks
  • Maximum Life
  • Resistances
  • Attributes
  • Attack Speed


  • Resistances

Rare Belt (Stygian Vise)

  • Attributes
  • Resistances
  • Life


For Endgame

  • Warlord Infl. Attack Speed while Flask
  • Redeemer Infl. – Melee Damage while Flask
  • Elemental Penetration (Essence)


  • Resistances
  • Attack Mods (Endgame)
Weapon 1

Oros Sacrifice – Unique Sword


For Endgame

Rakiata’s Dance – Unique Sword

Weapon 2//
Flask 1

Eternal Life Flask

  • Immune to Poison or Bleeding 
  • 66% reduced Amount/Instant Recovery


  • Used when Charges reach Full
Flask 2

Quicksilver Flask

  • Chance to gain Charge on Crit
  • Movement Speed


  • Used when Charges reach Full
Flask 3

Diamond Flask

  • Chance to gain Charge on Crit
  • Crit Chance during Effect


  • Used when Charges reach Full
Flask 4

Silver Flask

  • Chance to gain Charge on Crit
  • Attack Speed during Effect


  • Used when Charges reach Full
Flask 5

Cinderswallow Urn – Unique Flask

  • Reduced Mana Cost of Skills


  • Used when Charges reach Full

Jewels & Sockets

The list of Gems includes suggestions for various rare gems that can be put into socket slots, especially upon reaching the higher Endgame. Other Unique Jewels are a good choice aswell, but can become really expensive.

For the Cluster Jewel suggested in this Build, you want to look for the following stats.

Rare Jewel

  • Attack Speed with Swords
  • Melee Damage with Swords
  • Attack Speed
  • Melee Critical Strike Multiplier
  • Resistances & Attributes if needed


Unique Jewels

  • Watcher’s Eye

Gems & Abilities

This list includes all desirable Skill & Support Gems. ‘Awakened Gems’ can be freely equipped aswell, but are not included in this list. The Support Gems are listed in order, with the most important ones in the top. Replacements for certain Gems until Players obtain them can be found in the right column.

Vaal Flicker Strike
  • Multistrike
  • Elemental Damage with Attacks
  • Close Combat
  • Ice Bite
  • Increased Crit Damage
Fire Penetration and Immolate instead of Ice Bite and Crit Damage aslong as you use Oros Sacrifice, and not Rakiata’s Dance

Ancestral Warchief

Ancestral Protector

  • Mutliple Totems
  • Pride
  • Anger
  • Defiance Banner
  • Precision (Level 1)
  • Enlighten
Purity of Elements
War Banner
Skitter Bots instead of a 50% Aura to compensate for a missing Enlighten Gem
Assassin’s Mark
  • Mark on Hit
Blood Rage/
Leap Slam
  • Faster Attacks
Flame Dash if needed

Immortal Call (Level 3)

  • Cast When Damage Taken (Level 1)
  • Increased Duration

Enduring Cry


Atlas Talent Tree

The Atlas Talent Tree can alter your game experience heavily. This Tree is designed to empower and direct certain League Mechanics towards your personal preference. Beware that the suggested Talent Tree works pretty well with the current Build, but this may differ for each individual player. Take this Suggestion with caution!

This Passive Tree focuses on Increased Chance to Drop Adjacent Maps, allowing players to progress into higher Tier Maps fast. This Tree does not include any other League Mechanics which should be chosen on players preference.

We also focus on dropping Maps 1 Tier Higher, aswell as additional Kirac Missions. 

We also included a node for the Syndicate Safehouse for Map completion to trigger more Catharina Encounters for the Veiled Orb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to keep your Precision Level 1, or as high as your Mana allows. Precision does reserve a flat amount of Mana per Level.

We later on need an Enlighten to play all suggested Auras. 

As a shortwhiled Solution, you can use Lifetap aswell.

This build requires 98 Intelligence and 155 Strength. You have to get some attributes over your Rings or Necklance.

We linked Enduring Cry in the same slot as Increased Duration & Cast when Damage Taken + Immortal Call.

Cast when Damage needs to stay on Level 1, and Immortal Call on 3. This causes it to trigger on lower damage taken already. Cast when Damage Taken will not link itself to Enduring Cry aslong Enduring Cry is over Level 3.

Its a rippy Build! Nothing more to add to this. This build is in our advanced player category and definetly not suggested for Hardcore or newer players. 

Make sure to avoid on death ground effects and do not stay too long too close on an enemy that might not be one-shotted.

Replica Farruls Fur is your first desired Endgame Item.

To make use of its effect, you need the Aspect of the Cat Skill on a crafted Item.

You need to use a Bestiary Craft which adds (not reforges) an Item to contain Aspect of the Cat.

To use all Auras, you need an Enlighten Gem and make sure to keep Precision on Level 1.

  • Get two Itemlevel 86 Stygian Vise. Turn them into Influenced Belts, and combine them with Awakener Orb.
  • Use Hysteria Essences until you achieve on Influenced Suffix.
  • Clean Suffixes, Lock Suffixes and then Harvest Reforge-Influence to achieve the desired third Suffix.
  • Lock Suffixes again, Harvest Reforge Attack for Elemental Damage with Attacks.
  • Lock Suffixes again and Veiled Orb. 
  • Craft last Prefix.

Showcase: Upcoming Second Part of Crafting Items on my Youtube

Buy a clean Amulet with only +1 All Skill Gems on it, or try your best with Alteration Orbs
Craft “Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifier” and use a Bestiary Imprint to save the Item
Regal Orb
Craft “Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers” and “Prefixes cannot be changed”, and if needed a 3rd Suffix to fill them up
Go to your Harvest Crafting Bench and craft “Reforge Item, including Chaos modifier”
You can now continue crafting it to your liking and budget by crafting Prefixes cannot be changed and Scouring Orb, or just craft “up to 3 crafted modifiers” again and fill up with some desired mods.


External Links & PoB

We want to keep our League Starter Guides as simple as possible. We understand that using Path of Building and other 3rd Party Tools might not be the best way for New Players. 

  • Refer to our New Players Guide here.
  • Refer to our Path of Building Guide here.


Path of Building for our Flicker Strike Slayer:

We use Filterblade as our Loot filter:

Our Interactive Talent Trees are powered by PoEPlanner.