Cosplay Cosmodrome Coming Back May 29th!

This year, we’re bringing back Cosplay Cosmodrome, but we’re doing things slightly differently: our participants will all cosplay a specific Destiny 2 character.
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Cosplay Cosmodrome Coming Back May 29th!

This year, we’re bringing back Cosplay Cosmodrome, but we’re doing things slightly differently: our participants will all cosplay a specific Destiny 2 character.

As our Guardians rally and prepare for the fight of a lifetime in The Pale Heart of the Traveler, it is important we don’t forget who our friends (and foes) are. We’ve challenged some well-known Destiny cosplayers to take us on a trip down memory lane and peek into our future.


Hopefully we can inspire you to make something as well, whether it’s the recreation of weapon models, a Skimmer out of a skateboard, a Sparrow out of a motorcycle, or a unique spin on some of our most beloved characters. We’d love to see what you come up with. There’s even a little surprise to help you get underway later in this post!


So, as we sharpen our swords, pursue god rolls, and break our knuckles upon a Pantheon of past-challenges—all to please the solar system’s bestest coach—these cosplay artists will put a smile on our faces (or the fear in our hearts) over the coming weeks. 

We’re super excited to finally announce our line-up of cosplay masterminds that are participating in this year’s edition. Without further ado, please give them a warm welcome! 



Willow Creative is a professional cosplayer originally from the Netherlands, now based in Florida. She creates props and costumes from video games, pop culture events, and shows, both individually and collaborating with game studios.




Using a background in game art, she uses digital patterning and 3D printing in costume projects as well as self-taught skills involving sewing, foam smithing, wigs, animatronics, and electronics. Willow Creative shows all her cosplay insights on social media and YouTube channel and shares patterns and DIY kits on her website to inspire others to create.


“I had an amazing time making Savathûn and sharing my making-of videos online during the last Cosmodrome. Mithrax is a great character to continue that style of costume. Lots of visual elements that remind me of Savathûn’s look and at the same time some new challenges, such as the extra arms and lights involved with Mithrax’ character design. I’ve gotten to know so many more cool artists and new cosplayers from the last Cosmodrome I participated in! It was really interesting to learn how everyone approached their costume and everything we shared, between techniques and ideas.” 


Willow Creative is on InstagramTwitter (X)FacebookTiktokYouTube, and her website.





Anhyra is a Cosplayer from Coruña, Spain, and has more than 10 years of experience creating cosplays. In the world of cosplay, she has found a way to combine her passion for sculpture, painting, photography, and other artistic techniques.



Anhyra specializes in creating armor, mainly from video game characters, and her work has been recognized at major international events, winning the award for best armor at BlizzCon 2021 and the award for best cosplay at Dreamhack Beyond International. She has created costumes and props for different gaming companies and has experience working as a cosplayer at big events such as Gamescom and Twitchcon.


“Creating a Lord Shaxx cosplay has been a fun challenge! It’s an honor for me to join Cosmodrome Cosplay again. The cosplay I’m currently crafting is very different from the Savathûn one, but just as exciting. I love the design elements of Shaxx; although it is futuristic, it is also reminiscent of a barbarian because of the hair fur on his armor and the big horns on his helmet. I can’t wait to finish it and be able to cheer the players in the Crucible battles!”

Find Anhyra on InstagramTwitter (X)Facebook, and Twitch.



Cinderys is a professional cosplayer and concept/3D artist from Paris, France. She started cosplaying in 2014 to embody badass characters. In doing so, she enjoys sharing her passion and crafting skills through books, social media, conventions, and Twitch streams.



Cinderys is a regular guest at cons and a judge at international cosplay contests. She has won several international cosplay awards, such as Grand Prize as Fan Favorite at TwitchCon 2020 and Outstanding Creation and Grand Prize Winner at BlizzCon 2019.

“Destiny 2 has an amazing lineup of characters. I loved to bring Savathûn to life, and I’m even more excited about the Witness for a couple of reasons: it is the main antagonist of the Light and Darkness Saga, and it will be a key character in the upcoming expansion, The Final Shape, which promises to shake up the entire Destiny universe. I really love to embody powerful and mystic characters. And let’s talk about its design—it’s mind-blowing! The Witness’s intricate features and mighty presence make it a standout figure in the Destiny universe. That’s why I’m going all out with my cosplay, incorporating loads of animatronics, like smoke machines, optical fiber, and servo motors. Its cloak will be covered with thousands of shutters made and assembled by hand. I truly want to pay homage to this emblematic character, and I’m thrilled to bring the Witness to life in a way that truly captures its essence. I hope the community will appreciate the effort and passion behind it!”

Cinderys can be found on InstagramTwitter (X)TikTokTwitch, and her website.



Kamichan83 and IlGritz are a couple and will be joining us from Italy.


Kamichan83 started her cosplay career in 2013, after falling in love with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. Thanks to cosplay, she discovered her passion for making weapons and armor. She’s always on the lookout for new techniques. Due to the versatility of this hobby, she masters different materials, from worbla and foam to 3D modeling and prints.

In 2015 she started playing Destiny with her partner and is totally captivated by the character design. Shortly after, she creates her Hunter’s cosplay. The costume would become the first of a series of Destiny 2 cosplays. With three Hunter cosplays, an Emissary of the Nine cosplay, and a Cayde-6 cosplay, she plans to go even further this year as she works on her Crow cosplay.

“I was very happy to be able to participate in this edition of the Cosplay Cosmodrome. The last edition allowed me to grow professionally, and being able to bring a new character from this series to life is something I love. I can’t wait to be able to show what we did!”

Find Kamichan83 on InstagramTwitter (X)Facebook, and TikTok.


Claudio, aka IlGritz, has been a cosplayer since 2012 and started playing Destiny in 2015 together with Kamichan. Though he wasn’t a fan of first-person shooters at first, the game captivated him to the point that it’s practically the only one he’s played for 9 years. In 2020, he created a Cayde-6 cosplay together with Kamichan, incited by the love that his partner feels for this character.

“Being chosen to participate in Cosplay Cosmodrome initially surprised me, then honored me, and finally encouraged me to perfect my costume in all those small details that perhaps I had previously overlooked in my haste. I’m glad Bungie appreciated our work to include us in this project.”

Find IlGritz on Instagram.



LittleBlondeGoth is a UK-based crafter and designer who discovered a passion for cosplay back in 2012. An avid gamer from a young age, she has been creating costumes from her favorite franchises (including Destiny) for more than ten years. Teaching herself to build armor and sew garments, she has won awards at EGX, MCM Expo, and London Film & Comic Con, also returning later as a judge.



“It’s so inspiring to be part of this project. We’ve spent over a decade with these Destiny characters now, and to see them all brought to life in this way is an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s a privilege to be able to create such an iconic villain of the series, and I hope I’ll do her at least a small amount of justice. I want to keep the concept of the shapeshifting, humanized, Warlock-style costume from the first Cosplay Cosmodrome, but this time go harder. More armor, bigger armor, stronger colors. Bring out the texture you can see in her, whilst keeping some of the delicate mothiness of her design.”

Find LittleBlondeGoth on InstagramTwitter (X), and Facebook.



Mowky, from Germany, has been actively cosplaying since 2012. She fell down the rabbit hole of this hobby by chance when she encountered a competition for the most creative costume at Gamescom. After that day, cosplay has been on her mind 24-7.



She has won several competitions, has been invited to international events from Japan to America, and has published calendars and books. Mowky always finds new challenges. No matter what material and design, she always finds a way to bring creative chaos into the final result.

“I am incredibly honored to be part of Cosplay Cosmodrome again. Being part of such a talented bunch is just amazing. As ruler of the Awoken, Mara Sov naturally wears an elaborate wardrobe with lots of different fabrics and details, so I’m happy to take on the challenge of creating such an impressive design. I’ve taken a close look at her design using the Destiny 2 artist reference kits and analyzed all the materials. With the corresponding patterns, the quest to transform myself into Mara has begun.”

Find Mowky on InstagramTwitter (X)TikTokYouTube, and Twitch.



Hailing from Japan, Solomon Taisa cosplays characters from various animes and video games. He is especially good at crafting and modelling detailed and tricky costumes and accessories. Having cosplayed for more than 10 years, he still loves cosplay because of the joy and sense of achievement he experiences when bringing two dimensional characters to life in the real world.



“I’m in love with Commander Zavala’s strong presence, masculinity, and his sense of duty. I am also fascinated by his armor’s powerful shape, red and silver coloring, and its futuristic look. I am honored to be a part of this project and will do my best to reproduce Commander Zavala as faithfully as possible!”

Find Solomon Taisa on TwitterTikTok, and YouTube.



Australia’s WhereisDanielle was drawn into cosplay by a love of sci-fi and fantasy and a general love of creating things. She began with no prior-trained skills in crafting or sewing and learned through trial and error. She has now been cosplaying for nearly 10 years and has traveled Australia to appear at events, judge competitions, and teach people how to get started in cosplay. When she’s not actually in cosplay, you can find her drowning under a pile of EVA foam scraps and half-finished costumes planning her next project.



“I’ve been playing Destiny since the prerelease open beta way back in July 2014, and I even dressed up as a Warlock rocking a Raven Sheath III helmet for the midnight release at my local store! I’d only just gotten into cosplay the year prior, so it feels really full circle for me personally to be given the opportunity to make something for Bungie’s Cosplay Cosmodrome this year as Destiny 2 begins to wrap up the Light and Darkness Saga. I’m so excited to be working on this costume because it feels like I’ve spent the past 10 years honing my crafting skills for this in the same way I’ve spent the past 10 years grinding my Light level for raids and end-game content. I can’t wait to show the world my costume, and I can’t wait to play The Final Shape.”

Find WhereisDanielle on InstagramTwitterFacebookYouTube, and TikTok.



That’s it! For now, at least, because starting May 29, we’ll be rolling out the reveal of our Cosplay Cosmodrome participants as their Destiny 2 characters. We can’t wait to see what these talented individuals have come up with. Keep an eye on our social channels for all updates, and don’t forget to check out our participant’s awesome work, too.





One last surprise. As a little treat, we are adding a cosplay reference kit for the Witness to our artist reference collection. You will now be able to follow in the (plentiful) footsteps of your greatest foe. We’re looking forward to your impressive creations. Make sure to include #DestinyCosplay and #Destiny2Art in any content you post.

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