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Ara-Kara, City of Echoes – War Within Season 1

Our Ara-Kara, City of Echoes – War Within Season 1 Guide prepares you for the adventure in The War Within Season 1! Check out our War Within Ara-Kara, City of Echoes S1 Guide here on

Ara-Kara, City of Echoes – War Within Season 1

Our Ara-Kara, City of Echoes – War Within Season 1 Guide prepares you for the adventure in The War Within Season 1! Check out our War Within Ara-Kara, City of Echoes S1 Guide here on

MDT Route for S1 Ara-Kara, City of Echoes

First Boss: Avanoxx

Notable Trash Mobs in this Area

Starved Crawler do attack the current Tank with very light damage.

Engorged Crawler will attack with Venomous Spit and apply a poison debuff. Upon reaching 20% health, they start fixating on a player and cast Toxic Rupture which explodes after 4 seconds, deal heavy damage and knocking players back within 8 yards.

Jabbing Flyer will attack the current Tank and apply XX bleeding debuff which can stack.

Discordant Attendant attacks the current target with Web Bolt. They also use Resonant Barrage deals heavy groupwide damage over 6 seconds.


In order to summon Avanoxx, players have to defeat three mini-bosses – Ixin, Nakt and Atik.

  • Ixin casts Web Bolt on the current Tank, and casts Web Spray in a random direction. This frontal cone deals heavy damage and leaves voidzones indicated by a white swirl. Horrifying Shrill will fear all players and deal heavy damage if not interrupted. This also spawns several adds that must be gathered by the Tank.

  • Nakt also uses Web Bolt and Web Spray, but also uses Call of the Brood. This deals group-wide damage and spawns additional Starved Crawler.

  • Atik uses Poison Bolt that leaves a Poison debuff on the Tank, aswell as Poisonous Cloud indicated by a green circle. 

Avanoxx Notable Abilities

  • Avanoxx gains more damage per Starved Crawler around with Insatiable, so kill them quickly.

  • Standing on Vile Webbing for too long will cause players to get stuck in a Web Wrap for 10 seconds.

Avanoxx gains a buff for each Starved Crawler alive, increasing damage done by 100%. This effect stacks.


Alerting Shrill

Avanoxx releases a loud screech that deals damage to all players every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds, and alerts nearby Starved Crawler.

Starved Crawlers gain 100% more movement speed when kited thorugh Vile Webbing, while they fixate on a random player with Hunger.


Gossamer Onslaught

Avanoxx shoots projectiles in random directions, and in the meantime inflicts Nature damage every 1 sec to all players for 5 sec.

This leaves behind Vile Webbing at the target’s location, inflicting 98890 Nature damage to all players within 5 yards of the impact.

Players standing in the Vile Webbing that are left on the ground slows their movement speed per stack, and at 10 stacks become incapacitated for 10 seconds with Web Wrap that can be dispelled.

Voracious Bite

Avanoxx leaps to their primary target and unleashes 3 consecutive bites on them, each inflicting heavy Physical damage and increasing damage taken by 100% for 12 sec on the final bite.

Second Boss: Anub'zekt

Notable Trash Mobs in this Area

Off-Duty Bloodworker attack their current target with medium attack damage.

Bloodstained Assistant uses Extraction Strike on the current Tank. This will deal heavy damage and heal the Enemy for the same amount. If this attack is not dodged or avoided, they gain Unnatural Bloodlust, in creasing their damage and healing done. This buff can be soothed.

Bloodstained Webmage channel Web Wrap on a random player, immobilizing them and causing them to take 15% increased Nature damage for the duration. Revolting Volley must be interrupted, otherwise it deals heavy group-wide damage, causes them to take damage over time and absorb healing aswell.

Hulking Bloodguard uses Massive Slam that deals group-wide damage within 60yards and stun them for 1 second. Impale is a frontal cone that deals damage to players struck and knocks them back.

Sentry Stagshell cast Alarming Shrill. If not defeated or interrupted, it will spawn a lot of additional adds and engages all other mobs nearby.

Anub'zekt Notable Abilities

Eye of the Swarm

At 100 Energy, Anub’zekt will use Eye of the Swarm which reduces the available area to a small area around the Boss. Standing outside of this area will cause players to gain 2 stacks of Ceaseless Swarm.

During Eye of the Storm, Anub’zekt will consecutively use Impale & Infestation.



Anub’zekt uses Impale on its current target, dealing heavy damage and knocking them away.



A random player will be affected by Infestation, causing them to take periodic damage for 10 seconds. 

After 10 seconds, the Infestation will form into a Ceaseless Swarm, attacking players to deal similar damage and apply a stacking bleeding debuff aslong which each attack.


Burrow Charge

Anub’zekt charges through the floor to the furthest player away, dealing damage to players and knocking players away that are in his path.

At the end of the charge, he emerges and deals heavy damage and knocks players even further away that are hit.

At the end after Burrow Charge, Anub’zekt will use Impale on the furthest player away.


Bloodstained Webmage

Anub’zekt will every 15 seconds summon a Bloodstained Webmage which casts Web Wrap on random players. This roots them in place and increases Nature damage taken by 15% for 15 seconds. Make sure to kill and crowdcontrol them quickly.

Final Boss: Ki'katal the Harvester

Notable Trash Mobs in this Area

Blood Overseer uses Venom Volley that has to be interrupted. He also uses Erupting Webs which spawns little swirls that stun players that are struck.

Winged Carrier drop Black Blood which roots players and deal damage over time. This is relevant for the upcoming Boss aswell.

Reinforced Drone use Grasping Slash against their current target, dealing heavy damage and slowing them. 

Nerubian Hauler gain Intensity after each use of Massive Slam, so make sure to kill him quick.

Ki'katal the Harvester Notable Abilities

  • Attack the Bloodworkers while they are far away so they drop Grasping Blood further.

  • Run away from Cosmic Singularity
Cosmic Singularity

Kitikal casts Cosmic Singularity at 100 Energy, soaking all players closer to him. This deals party-wide damage, reduced by distance. If any players are hit, Faded will be applied to them, reducing their damage done and increasing their damage taken.


Grasping Blood

Bloodworkers drop Grasping Blood as soon as they are struck by any hit from any player. This voidzone will be absorbed by players, rooting them and dealing damage over 1 minute.

Venom Volley

Kikatal uses Venom Volley which deals damage to all players and slows them for 30%. This also deals damage over time for 12 seconds.


Erupting Webs

When Kikatal uses Erupting Webs, several swirlies appear that leave a voidzone. Getting struck by the impact stuns players for 6 seconds.


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