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Daily Login Rewards – March 2024

Unlock a fan- and developer-favorite DLC, a mount, and much more via March 2024’s Daily Login Rewards!
Home » Elder Scrolls Online » Daily Login Rewards – March 2024

Daily Login Rewards – March 2024

Unlock a fan- and developer-favorite DLC, a mount, and much more via March 2024’s Daily Login Rewards!

This month’s Daily Login Rewards introduce a host of collectibles and items, including full access to the Orsinium DLC game pack! However, Orsinium isn’t the only amazing reward you can claim this March. Check out even more Malacath-approved items below. Want to find out more about Daily Login Rewards? Be sure to read this help article.

Scalecaller Crown Crates—Days 1, 3-6


Open these deathly crates

Claim a selection of Scalecaller Crown Crates, first released in 2018, and discover items and collectibles touched by the sinister forces of Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair. This includes 10 regular Scalecaller Crown Crates in total. You can preview the kinds of items available in Scalecaller Crown Crates in this blog.


Orsinium DLC—Day 2


Venture into Orsinium for free

As mentioned above, you can discover the home of the Orcs and explore the snow-capped region of Wrothgar with the Orsinium DLC. First released in 2015, Orsinium was ESO’s first major story and zone DLC and could be considered the foundation for the game’s later Chapter releases. You can claim this legendary DLC for free on Day 2!


Seals of Endeavor—Day 7


No actual endeavor required!

Seal the deal on that Crown Crate item you’ve had your eye on with a HUGE number of Seals of Endeavor. How huge? You can claim a whopping 500 Seals on Day 7! You can learn more about Seals of Endeavor in this blog.

Craglorn Welwa Pet—Day 14


Fierce AND kind of adorable?

While native to nearby Craglorn, the Craglorn Welwa pet makes a suitable companion as you begin your adventures in Wrothgar. Just make sure it’s well fed before you try to pet it!

Iron Orc Welwa Mount—Day 21


Built and bred for battle (and you)

Few foes would dare stand in your way while you’re charging into battle upon an Iron Orc Welwa mount—you can barrel through friend and foe alike atop this near-indestructible beast. If only you could take it into the Maelstrom Arena …

Of course, these are but a few of the goodies you can claim this month. To review the full list, log in to the game on March 1! There’s even more 10th Anniversary-related fun arriving in March, so check out this blog for all the details.

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