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Patch 3.24.0b Notes Preview

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Patch 3.24.0b Notes Preview

We recently announced some improvements to the Necropolis league that we’ve been working on. Many of these changes will be coming in patch 3.24.0b, which we’re planning to release later today. Check out the patch notes preview below.

3.24.0b Patch Notes

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This patch contains improvements to Necropolis Area to Area or Map to Map gameplay as well as improvements to Grave-Crafting detailed in our recent news post. We’ve also made some improvements to Tier 17 Maps, and fixed an issue that caused characters to feel “glidy”.

Necropolis Improvements and Changes

Added the ability to itemise corpses as they drop, and through the Morgue User Interface. Itemising corpses is now free in all contexts, as opposed to the 1 Chaos Orb cost this previously had. As a result, Undertaker Arimor no longer has Empty Coffins available for purchase.
Added the ability to select the Base Type when crafting an item. As such, some of the crafts that allow you to influence Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence armour types have been removed, as they are no longer necessary. Special Base Types such as Atlas Base Types and League Base Types like Stygian Vise still need to be obtained through certain Corpses.
Each of the downsides from area to area will now display the increase to the amount of Collectable Corpses and Allflame Embers they cause.
Added 12 new Allflame Embers: Allflame Ember of Anarchy, Allflame Ember of the False God, Allflame Ember of Manifested Wealth, Allflame Ember of Syndicate Researchers, Allflame Ember of Syndicate Assassins, Allflame Ember of Syndicate Escorts Allflame Ember of Syndicate Guards, Allflame Ember of Synthetic Fury, Allflame Ember of Trial Cores, Allflame Ember of Trial Guards, Flaring Allflame Ember of the Vaal, and Flaring Allflame Ember of Breachlords.
Increased the amount of Collectable Corpses and Allflame Embers dropping relative to difficult Modifiers substantially.
Increased the drop rate of Allflame Embers at all levels.
Grave-crafts that affect Modifier Rating have been compressed into a single craft, +50 to Modifier Tier Rating, which affects all Modifiers instead of being type-specific. This only applies to new crafts obtained after the patch is deployed, this does not affect any existing crafts.
Tiers have been removed from most Grave-crafts, they’ll now have the values of the existing highest tier. For example, instead of being able to get 200% or 500% increased chance for Lightning Modifiers, it will now always be 500%.
We’ve also buffed the following Grave-crafts:
Reforge socket numbers 200 times, keeping the greatest number of sockets (previously 100).
Reforge links numbers 200 times, keeping the greatest number of links (previously 50).
20% chance to craft an additional Item (previously 10%).
25% chance to create a Split Copy (previously 20%).
25% chance to create a Mirrored Copy (previously 20%).
Devoted Modifiers that provide a chance to convert a type of item to a specific item type have had their values increased.
Devoted Modifiers that provide Strongest Monster in Pack with a chance to convert a type of item to a specific item type now only have a single Tier, providing a 100% chance.
Many Devoted Modifiers that have multiple tiers no longer have the lowest tier Modifier appearing in Maps (this improves the average quality of Devoted Modifiers in Maps drastically).
Haunted Modifiers that cause Monster hits to all be Critical Strikes now provide +50% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier up to Tier 5 (previously between +0% and +200%), and +100% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier (previously +300%) at Tier 6.
The Haunted Modifier that provides Monsters with a Chance to Freeze now provides 5% at Tier 1, 10% at Tier 2, and 20% at Tier 3 (previously 20%, 50%, and 100% respectively).
The Haunted Modifiers that cause Monsters to always Stun Enemies on Hit now instead provide 30% and 100% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold at Tiers 3 and 4, with the increased Stun Duration on Enemies now providing values of 40% and 100% respectively (previously 75% and 200%). The Tier 2 Modifier has been removed.
The Haunted Modifier that provides Monsters with a 100% chance to Reflect Hexes & Non-Damaging Ailments has been removed.
Haunted Modifiers that removed Flask Charges from killer’s Flasks when slain instead now cause Monsters to not grant Flask Charges when Slain. The Tier 4 and 5 Modifiers have been removed.
Haunted Modifiers that provided more Damage for each alive Monster in Pack have been removed.
Haunted Modifiers that provided increased Attack and Cast Speed for each alive Monster in Pack have been removed.
The Tier 5 Haunted Modifiers that cause Monsters to gain Physical Damage as Extra Damage of a Random Element or as Fire, Cold or Lightning Damage now cause the Monster’s Damage to Penetrate 10% of Elemental Resistances, or Fire, Cold or Lightning Resistances respectively (previously 20%).
Increased the amount of Breach Splinters dropped by Breach Allflame Ember Monster packs.
Increased the amount of Legion Splinters dropped by Legion Allflame Ember Monster packs.
Increased the amount of Omens and Tattoos dropped by Affliction Allflame Ember Monster packs.
Increased the amount of Tainted Currency dropped by Beyond Allflame Ember Monster packs.
Reduced the difficulty of Haunted Modifiers throughout the Campaign in Ruthless.
The Nameless Seer is now less likely to have high value Uniques to offer in Map Areas under level 81.
The Devout Pursuit Atlas Notable Passive now causes the Lantern of Arimor to have 30% increased chance for Devoted Modifiers (previously 20%).
As a result of Modifier Rating crafts being compressed to a single modifier, the Condensed Souls Atlas Notable Passive now causes Corpses in your Maps to have 25% increased chance to have Modifier Tier Rating crafting outcomes (previously 100%), with the small passive prior now providing 5% (previously 20%).
Updated the description for the Fear of the Light Atlas Keystone Passive to clarify both Haunted and Devoted Modifiers are applied randomly to Packs in your Maps.
Increases and reductions to Haunted Modifier Effect no longer affects Devoted Modifiers.
Haunted Modifiers on the Lantern of Arimor now display the effects of Haunted Modifier Effect from any Atlas Passives you have allocated.
The minimap icon for the Nameless Seer is now displayed at a higher distance away, rather than only being displayed when you are nearby.
Maps will no longer be opened when closing the Lantern of Arimor User Interface, they will only be opened upon pressing Enter, allowing you to go do something else or to use Allflame Embers that might have been in your stash instead of opening the Map immediately.
The Morgue User Interface is now sorted by type of craft, then by level, making it much easier to find crafts that affect a specific type of modifier.
Your inventory is no longer closed upon viewing the Morgue User Interface.
Pressing Ctrl + F when viewing the Morgue will now focus the Filter Corpses text field.
Grave-crafted items now drop closer to the headstone of the relevant grave. Grave-crafted items also now have target priority over graves when using Controller Input Mode.
You can now Ctrl + Click to cremate a corpse, skipping the confirmation prompt, in the Morgue User Interface. This was already possible on corpses lying in the Morgue, and is now detailed in both places.
The UI for collecting a Corpse is now less likely to overlap with another available Corpse.
Reduced the chance for Undertaker Arimor to block doorways.

Tier 17 Map Improvements

Tier 17 Maps can now be modified by Chaos Orbs.
Increased the Item Quantity and Item Rarity bonuses provided by Modifiers on Tier 17 Maps.
We’ve also added various Divination Cards that can be found in Tier 17 Maps, in order to provide more a choice in which to farm:
Despite only just moving The Void Divination Card to drop from The Shaper, The Elder and The Maven in 3.24.0, Tier 17 Maps are a better home for this card. As such, The Void is now only found in the Abomination, Citadel, Fortress, Sanctuary, and Ziggurat Maps. It no longer has a chance to drop from The Shaper, The Elder, or The Maven.
The Artist Divination Card is now only found in the Abomination Map, and the Harmony of Souls Divination Card can now also be found in the Abomination Map.
The Shieldbearer and Wealth and Power Divination Cards are now only found in the Citadel Map.
The Dragon’s Heart and The Cheater Divination Cards are now only found in the Fortress Map.
The Succor of the Sinless Divination Card is now only found in the Sanctuary Map, and The Innocent Divination Card can now also be found in the Sanctuary Map.
The Samurai’s Eye and Lucky Deck Divination Cards are now only found in the Ziggurat Map.
Nightmare of the Depraved Trinity, the Abomination Map Boss, has had the cooldown for their Ball Lightning skill increased. The damage of their Bladefall and Storm Call skills has also been reduced.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with animation cancelling where you could become ‘locked into’ an animation before the contact point, which was causing characters to feel “glidy” or the feeling that inputs were being eaten.
Fixed a bug where Essences of Misery, Envy, Scorn or Dread could not be transformed to Essences of Horror, Delirium, Hysteria or Insanity with a Remnant of Corruption.
Fixed a bug where the life leech from minion damage granted by the Necromancer’s Bone Barrier Ascendancy Passive Skill was being applied at a tenth of its value.
Fixed a bug where Rogue Exiles in Delve encounters and some Monsters in the Twilight Temple Unique Map were normal rarity Monsters.
Fixed a bug where side bosses prior to Helial and Selenia in The Twilight Temple Unique Map could become unkillable.
Fixed a bug where Ritual Rewards could sometimes be unable to be deferred.
Fixed an issue where Map Modifier Effect Atlas Passives did not state they only affected explicit modifiers on Maps.
Fixed an issue where some Alternate-art Demigod’s race rewards could not be converted to microtransactions.
Fixed a bug where some Alternate Art Demigod’s Unique Items did not show as results when filtering with Alternate Art as True on the Trade Website.
Fixed a bug where it was not possible to turn in a set of Further Intention Divination Cards.
Fixed a bug that caused the teleporters in the Timekeeper’s Hideout and League Entranceway Hideout Decorations to not function properly.
Fixed a bug where Solar and Magebloom Map Devices were not updating their effects based on Map Tier.
Fixed a bug that caused the Morbid Hideout to be inaccessible.
Fixed an instance crash.
Fixed a client crash.

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