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The War Within Could Release on August 21st, Here is Why!

The War Within Alpha is live, and we are going to take a look into our previous speculation about the release date of Patch 11.0 and the next Expansion!
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The War Within Could Release on August 21st, Here is Why!

The War Within Alpha is live, and we are going to take a look into our previous speculation about the release date of Patch 11.0 and the next Expansion!

We were correct, so far..

Remember our previous post about our speculation for Release dates of Patch 10.2.5, 10.2.6 and 10.2.7? If not, you can read it again here, but otherwise, here is a quick recap!

The Quick Answer – When does War Within Release?

With all the given information listed above, we came to the following conclusion, summarized for our readers.

  • In March: Patch 10.2.6 – Two Months after the release of 10.2.5. This is also close to the start of Spring, indicated by the Roadmap.

  • In April: Dragonflight Season 4, which releases in between the Patches, and 1 month after the MDI Finals. This is also 20 Weeks after the release of Dragonflight Season 3. You can already calculate 20 weeks in advance to see what is coming.

  • In May: Patch 10.2.7 – Two Months after the release of 10.2.6, and after Dragonflight Season 4. This goes also closer towards the end of Spring, but not that close, as indicated by the Roadmap.

  • In July: Its summer, and two months after 10.2.7. Indicated by the Roadmap, its time for the Patch 11.0.1!

  • In August: Did you calculate 20 weeks from the start of Dragonflight Season 4? We are at the end of August – four weeks after the Prepatch, 20 weeks of Season 4.

Even if The War Within releases close into September, just close of Autumn, this was still a very logical approach, if Blizzard would be consistent with their promises. And who knows, especially after the big layoffs recently!

We currently have a good track record for predicting the upcoming Patch Cycles, thanks to Blizzard’s consistency. 

The important factor is that Blizzard is very consistent with their launch dates and their promises, which is already a good sign. We were worried that the recent layoffs at Blizzard might cause some delay, but instead they really surprised the player base with Plunderstorm and Remix of Pandaria.

Remix: Pandaria is listed in the Ingame Calendar on Alpha, but...

Wowhead has reported about this first yesterday, and discovered that the Remix: Pandaria Event is listed on the current Alpha with the following dates.

  • Begins: 16th of May
  • Ends: 19th of August

According to our Speculation, the Prepatch for The War Within would launch in July. While it is not certain if Pandaria: Remix ends with the Patch 11.0 or the official launch of The War Within, we want to remind you once again about our reasoning for our speculation.

  • Blizzard has promised a consistent content release of 2 months until the release of The War Within. This was announced during BlizzCon 2023. 
  • Dragonflight Season 4 is not tied to a Patch, according to the Roadmap 2024. The only Patches for Dragonflight will be 10.2.6 and 10.2.7.
  • A regular Season lasts 20 Weeks. This is consistent with previous Seasons before Shadowlands (it was 24 Weeks, but still two rotations of Affixes). Dragonflight offered less Affixes in Mythic Dungeons, and they kept that timeframe for Dragonflight Season 1.
  • According to the Roadmap, Patch 10.2.6 releases on the verge of Winter and Spring. 10.2.7 towards the end of Spring, the War Within Pre-Patch in Early Summer, and The War Within itself close to Fall 2024, but just barely in Fall (according to the Roadmap).
  • Dragonflight Season 4 is not tied to a Patch, and is just in between the Patches 10.2.6 and 10.2.7.
  • The Prepatch for Dragonflight lasted around 4 weeks until the official release.
  • And to finish the informations – Seasons, the one in Real Life! Spring starts on March 21st, Summer starts on June 21st and Autumn on September 21st.


The issue is that there is even more data in the ingame calendar of the War Within Alpha. There is another date listed on July 9th, 2024 which dates the end of the Pandamonium.

We agree that the launch date of the first image fits the correct announcement from today, but Wowhead and other sources have overseen the other listed Event.

Is it possible that Blizzard is not yet sure if they finish this time-limited Event on Prepatch or Expansion launch, and therefore is listed with two different ending dates on the War Within Alpha?

We had an amazing success recently predicting the release dates, which are often indicated by the timer in our Header. We nailed April 23rd as the launch of Dragonflight Season 4 aswell, and already changed our prediction timer to the official launch of The War Within to August 21st. This is perfectly consistent with all the recent data we offered for upcoming Release Dates.

‘Only time will tell..’

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