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The Dawnbreaker – War Within Season 1

Our Dawnbreaker – War Within Season 1 Guide prepares you for the adventure in The War Within Season 1! Check out our War Within The Dawnbreaker S1 Guide here on

The Dawnbreaker – War Within Season 1

Our Dawnbreaker – War Within Season 1 Guide prepares you for the adventure in The War Within Season 1! Check out our War Within The Dawnbreaker S1 Guide here on

MDT Route for S1 Dawnbreaker

Video Guide for The Dawnbreaker

First Boss: Speaker Shadowcrown

Notable Trash Mobs in this Area

Nightfall Shadowmage use Ensnaring Shadows on a random player, which deals damage over time and slows their movement speed. They also use Night Bolt on random players in between, dealing medium damage.

Nightfall Curseblade attack the Tank with Dark Blade which increases their attack speed by 10% for each use. This buff can be purged.

Nightfall Ritualist apply Stygian Seed on one random player, which deals damage over time and then explodes for damage within a 7-yard radius. This is indicated by a purple circle around that player. Tormenting Ray is a channel into 3 players that cannot be interrupted. This deals damage to all affected players for 5 seconds every 1 second.

Nightfall Commander attacks the Tank with Tainted Slash, dealing damage to them and applying a Bleeding debuff that can stack. Abyssal Howl deals light damage to all players but also creates a large absorption shield on all enemies within 30 yards.

Sureki Webmage cast Web Bolt on random player, but more important is the Bursting Cocoon ability. This is a debuff on a random player, indicated with a white circle around that player. As per usual, upon expiration this explodes and deals damage to other players within that circle. 

Speaker Shadowcrown Notable Abilities

  • Spread to the sides of the encounter area to drop the large voidzone of XX.

  • Fly through golden orbs during XX to not be instantly killed by XX.
Shadow Bolt

Speaker Shadowcrown has the shadow bolt ability. This, as you might have guessed it, deals damage to a random player, but can be interrupted.


Burning Shadows

Burning shadows is also a debuff on a random player, dealing heavy damage every 0.5 seconds and reduces their movement speed. This is a magic effect that has to be dispelled. Upon removal, this applies shadow shroud on the 4 other players, a large heal absorb while dealing light damage on them aslong this heal absorb persists.


Collapsing Night

Frequently, Speaker Shadowcrown uses XX on all players, causing them to take heavy damage and dropping a large voidzone on the floor. This Voidzone grows in size over time. 


Obsidian Beam

She also uses XX on the current Tank, dealing heavy damage to the Tank and a little less damage to all other players, but then spawning 3 laser beams from the location of the impact on the Tank that rotate in a circle.


Darkness Comes

Upon reaching 50% Health and 1 Health, she uses Darkness Comes, creating a large explosion that has to be avoided. This cast takes 10 seconds, and players have to fly away on their Mount. To not be killed by Encroaching Darkness, players can fly through golden orbs in the air.

Second Boss: Anub'ikkaj

Notable Trash Mobs in this Area

After the first Boss, players have to fly down into the City and deal with 3 mini-bosses before encountering the next Boss. While flying around, Encroaching Shadows will kill players instantly after 10 seconds, but can be avoided by coming close to the light wells, which are also marked on your minimap.

Nightfall Shadowwalker attacks random players with Umbral Rush, dealing heavy damage, twice!

Nightfall Tactician use Black Edge in the direction of the Tank, dealing damage to players struck.

Nightfall Darkcaster use Tormenting Beam, channeling damage into one player. Umbral Barrier cannot be interrupted but stunned, creating a large absorption shield onto the Darkcaster himself. Upon expriation, the remaining absorb will heal the Darkcaster for the same amount. 

Manifested Shadow use Abyssal Rot. This applies a debuff to several players, dealing damage over time. Black Hail is their second ability. This spawns a few 3-yard swirls on the floor that explode a few seconds later for heavy damage to all players struck.


Before you encounter the Boss, you should kill three mini-bosses. Otherwise, the Boss will have 3 stacks of Empowered Might, increases his health and damage done.

  • Deathscreamer Iken’tak casts Abyssal Blast on a random player, dealing damage and also damage over 12 seconds. Dark Orb is a projectile aimed towards a random player, dealing damage to players inside of it and applying Dark Scars, a heavy damage over time debuff per stack. 
  • Ixkreten the Unbreakable also uses Abyssal Blast. Terrifying Slam is a debuff applied to a random player, dealing damage to them upon expiration and knocking them back. All other players within a 15-yard circle around that player are feared for 2 seconds.
  • Ascendant Vis’coxria does use Abyssaö Blast aswell. Shadow Decay just deals damage to all party members every 1 second for 4 seconds.

Anub'ikkaj Notable Abilities

  • Dont aim Dark Orb too close into a wall, because its damage decreases by distance.

Dark Orb

Aimed towards a random player, Dark Orb now explodes upon colliding with an object or wall, dealing damage decreased by distance to the impact. It still applies Dark Scars when traveling over players.


Shadowy Decay

Shadowy Decay once again deals damage to all players every 1 second for 4 seconds, but the damage increases by 10% each tick of this ability.


Terrifying Slam

This ability is now aimed towards the Tank, creating a large 15-yard circle around him, dealing damage and knocking him. Other players struck by this 15-yard circle will now be feared for 3 seconds.


Animate Shadows

He also frequently spawns several Animated Shadow adds that use Congealed Darkness at random players which can be interrupted.

Final Boss: Rasha'nan

Notable Trash Mobs in this Area

Nightfall Dark Architect applies Tormenting Eruption on several players, dealing once again damage over time, but this time also to other players within 5-yards to each other. Night Bolt is the same cast as before on a random player, but Usher Reinforcements will spawn a few mobs from before, doing the same abilities, but dealing reduced damage and reduced health.

Rasha'nan Notable Abilities

  • Carry the Arathi Bombs to the boss before they explode, so you deal damage to the Boss.

  • Make sure to not break all XX in Phase 2 at the same time, to let your healer compensate the incoming damage.
Arathi Bomb

Arathi bombs will spawn that can be picked up by players. Carrying them to the Boss grants an extra button that can be used to deal around 6% of his health in damage. If they explode without being carried to the boss, they explode for damage on all players.

Carrying a bomb themself will deal light damage on that player.


Expel Webs

Expel Webs spawn little swirls in a row coming out of the boss, exploding in a line and dealing damage to players struck inside of them and also rooting them.


Erosive Spray

Erosive Spray is a cast that deals heavy initial damage to all players, and additional damage every 1 second for 3 seconds.


Rolling Acid 

Rolling Acid is an effect applied to one player, instead of two like in his its raid version. Upon expiration, it spawns a poisonous wave in the direction previously indicated by that effect on that side. Make sure to aim it away from players by either walking to the left or right of your party.


Upon reaching 65% Health, Rasha’nan flies away to another location in the dungeon. Players have to fly with their mounts to that location, travelling with the Light Boat to not be killed by Encroaching Darkness.

When he lands, he starts casting Acidic Eruption which increases in its damage until players interrupt him. During that time, he is immune to damage.


Spinneret’s Strands

The new ability in the last phase is Spinneret’s Strands. This creates 10-yard circles around several players, and spawns Sticky Webs upon expiration. The affected players themself a tethered to the middle of these webs, pulling them slightly in and dealing damage while remaining inside. Breaking the link to the webs by moving out of it will explode with Spinneret’s Websnap for partywide damage, so you dont want to do it all at the same time. 

Having Rolling Acid rolling over these remaining Webs will cause them to explode with Acid Pool, dealing heavy damage to only players still inside that web, and transforming it to another voidzone that deals very high damage to players inside.


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